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11 women share the most embarrassing mistakes they've made at work

We've all had our fair share of blunders at work from time to time. From accidentally hitting "Reply all" to jamming the coffee machine and depriving everyone of the stuff that keeps them sane in the mornings – the smallest of mistakes can have big consequences.

But you should be grateful if your most embarrassing moment is just that you serially sign off your emails with "Thank", because some people have made some bad, bad mistakes. These 11 women shared their worst work mishaps on Reddit, and boy will they make you cringe.

1. That's one way to make a first impression

"On my first day as an intern, I moved my chair in a way so that the back of a huge bookcase would fall right onto my pregnant boss's desk. Luckily someone moved her out of the way."

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2. The ENTIRE company

"I accidentally opened an attachment that had a virus in it. It wiped out the server for my entire company. Every employee lost everything they saved to it."

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3. We all know how vicious Monopoly can get

"Well, the other day, I was demo-ing some software on a shared screen conference call with 30ish people across the country when a text came up on my desktop that said 'You couldn't talk sh*t if your a** was on your face.' I'd had a heated board game session the night before."

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4. On the first day too!

"First day as an intern I dropped a body and scratched a $10,000 casket so I'm gonna lead with those. Both incidents happened within half an hour of each other too."

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5. This customer probably won't be returning

"Mixed up the wrong color while doing highlights and lowlights on a client. One half of her head was blonde with dark lowlights and the other half was blonde and red. Took forever to correct it. From that point on, I made sure to look at the colour tube before I mixed it."

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6. She knew something didn't seem quite right...

"I was the new girl, working as a receptionist at a large computer wholesale/networking firm. The sales manager approached me and asked me to make a page over the PA 'that the Sares Meeting is beginning'. I repeated it back to him, double checking that I was pronouncing it correctly, because I apparently was not - he said, 'No, no. Not Sares, Saaaaaaarrrres'.

"No problem, I got this - I pick up the phone and make the announcement - 'The Saaaaaaaarrrrees meeting is now beginning in the conference room, the Saaaaaaaarrrrreees meeting is now beginning.' Before I could hang up the phone, a roar of laughter erupted throughout the whole office, and the look on the poor sales managers face is one I'll never forget. Poor bastard had a speech impediment, his L's came out as R's..."

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7. Well, imagine if someone gave you $65,000 and then asked for it back

"F**ked a start date when I worked in HR, overpaid someone by about $65k. We got it back but the employee wrote an excessively long and condescending email to the director or HR, the CEO etc and named me explicitly several times."

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8. And that only makes you angrier

"I cried in front of my boss and a load of other people. I wanted to kill him but the rage came out in tears."

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9. Wow, this one is really bad

"I accidentally dropped a glass container of medication worth $15 000 while preparing it. Because of that, the patients brain surgery had to be cancelled and I made a lot of people very, very unhappy."

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10. Let's just hope it wasn't personally signed off

"I made a Freudian slip in a newsletter sent out to 30,000 people."

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11. Better keep the office goss quieter next time...

"I was excitedly telling a colleague at lunch about how great one of our new hires was, that we'd tried to get him before and it didn't work out so we barely even had to interview him this time... all within earshot of another coworker whose contract was ending soon and had applied for the same position and didn't get it. I didn't realize what a f**kup it was until a few weeks later when she'd gone to HR and I had a meeting with my boss's boss and the CEO.

"I cried and apologized, not just to my senior leaders but of course to the gal who didn't get the job, we'd been good work-friends and I felt horrid. She ended up coming back a few months later under a new contract and we're cool now but there's a letter in my permanent HR file about unprofessionalism that will never go away."

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Well, I sure am glad none of these things happened to me. Now let me just re-read this article a few times to make sure I didn't let anything slip...