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Margot Robbie's awkward gym story will make you cringe so hard

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The gym is a space where awkward encounters are all too common. It's a minefield where you find yourself dodging overly enthusiastic PTs trying to reel you into their programs, and avoiding the floor-space behind the Instagram model who's forcing her friend to film her doing squats. You're there to work out for yourself, so of course you don't really want to make eye contact with anyone while you're red-faced and gasping through your last minute on the cross-trainer.

But nothing can beat Margot Robbie's awkward gym story. The 27-year-old superstar was at a fancy hotel in Tahiti with her husband, and on a rainy day, the two of them decided to hit the gym. Only, they were ill-prepared for who they were about to meet.

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Speaking to Ellen DeGeneres on her show a few weeks ago, Robbie told the story of her cringe-worthy gym experience, and was barely able to contain her laughter. The Australian actress and her new husband Tom Ackerley were enjoying their belated honeymoon on a remote island in French Polynesia, staying in what Robbie called a "shack". She described how there were no mirrors in the place and that they had no electricity for four days.

After their isolated escape, the pair decided to return to civilisation and end the honeymoon in a luxury hotel on the island of Tahiti. "We look disgusting by the way because we haven't seen our own reflections in four days," she added for effect.

It was pouring with rain and so the newlyweds hit the gym to kill some time by working out. Only, they didn't exactly have the most glamorous of work-out gear.

"Tom puts on these shorts, his oldest gym shorts, and they’re tiny," Robbie said. "And they’re like really short and there’s nothing underneath so he gets on his bicycle to ride there and I’m like, ‘WHOA! Babe, you cannot wear those shorts. They’re like — you can see everything.’ And he’s like, ‘C’mon. Who are we going to run into?'"

Well... turns out they walked into the hotel gym and saw Ellen Degeneres herself, as well as her wife Portia de Rossi, on the treadmills. Feeling totally surprised, a little starstruck and also suddenly self-conscious about Tom's shorts situation, the couples introduced each other and did the whole "lovely to meet you" thing. But turns out they weren't the only ones at the resort using the fitness facilities.

"I was already starstruck, and then you're like, 'have you met Obama?'", Robbie recalled. Robbie and her husband were in total disbelief (anyone would be), but then realised it was true - the former president of America, Barack Obama, was indeed standing next to the treadmills too.

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Turns out Obama was spending some time on the island to write his book, and Ellen and Portia had been working out with him every day.

"I’m not kidding, I’m not kidding," a blushing Robbie told the audience. "In a gym that is tiny! It was a very confined space, and we then had to do this whole, like, class, this stretching class and Tom meanwhile is trying to like, not reveal anything. And he’s dying and I’m crying so much, I’m about to crack a rib."

Just imagine – one wrong move and Robbie's husband could have flashed the former President.

"The whole thing was so absurd," Robbie laughed. Yep, sure sounds like it. But then again, something like this could only happen to the rich and famous. Can you imagine bumping into a trifecta of celebrities like that at the gym?!