Rob Gronkowski's model girlfriend responds to cruel messages from internet trolls

Rob Gronkowski's model girlfriend responds to cruel messages from internet trolls

Amongst scenic landscapes, and images of avocado toast, your social media feeds are likely littered with a slew of tanned, lithe women, who are filtered and retouched to perfection. And although we can purchase every beauty product under the sun, we will inevitably fall short, because in this Instagram era that we're living in, no one actually meets society's unattainable beauty standards.

Not even Sports Illustrated models, it appears. Rob Gronkowski's longtime girlfriend, Camille Kostek, recently took to Instagram to address the cruel trolling she received after posting a bikini selfie.

"I can’t begin to explain how many rude comments I got after I posted this photo about my body. But for the women who I was able to help love who they are more from it, I post without hesitation for myself and for YOU, [sic]" the 27-year-old wrote on the photo-sharing platform.

Kostek then elaborated on her decision to address the abuse she had received.

"I’ve been sitting on this for a few days, deciding if I was going to share this, and I decided that I’m going to share a little bit of the things that I had seen," she asserted, before sharing screenshots of the comments, which included "she needs the gym and a good doctor", and "largest hip bones I've ever seen."

Kostek, who has been dating the NFL tight end since 2015, then went onto say that while she doesn't usually "read into any of this", she's glad she addressed it this time.

"It helps me grow. It helps me have thicker skin, helps remind me what’s important in life, who’s important in life," she continued.

Accordingly, the Sports Illustrated model intends to "keep posting bikini photos" when she "feels like it", but she also plans on using her influence to espouse the tenants body positivity.

"It’s just the cherry on top when I get some of your messages saying I inspire you to love the skin that you’re in, that’s why I do it."

In related news, Gronkowski, hasn't yet announced his plans for the upcoming NFL season, and this is purportedly because he hasn't yet made a decision on whether he'll retire or return to the New England Patriots.

"I talked to Rob last night. He won't even tell me. He said he hasn't made a decision yet," his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, said when speaking on ESPN's NFL Live show. "He is healthy, which I'm excited to say. He's feeling a lot better. He plays through an injury in the Super Bowl -- what else is new for that beast? He's so tough. The quad is healthy now. Personally, I just want what's best for Rob. I said, 'Rob, take your time. Do what you believe in.' He's already the all-time greatest tight end. He's a first-ballot Hall of Famer. There's never been a tight end like this guy. The sky's the limit for him. If he comes back to play, fantastic. I honestly don't know. I'm waiting to see like everybody else."