You can finally buy a tutu for your pet chicken

You can finally buy a tutu for your pet chicken

It's no secret that pet owners love dressing their animals in adorable and, let's face it, often over-the-top and borderline cringe-worthy outfits. Whether we're dressing our poodles in a miniature Santa outfit around Christmas time or giving our cats a Hello Kitty-inspired makeover, we sure do love putting together an ensemble for our pets.

Well, good news for people who both own chickens and also get a thrill out of getting their animals to sport cute items of clothing, because courtesy of Amazon, you can now spoil your little fowl by getting them a tutu.

From dressing pets in outrageous outfits to moms dressing as unicorns to pick their kids up from school:

Yes, seriously, the online retailer is currently selling a range of different tutus for your pet hens, with each item costing $11.98.

Credit: Amazon

"The small and exquisite tutu skirt with a pretty grosgrain ribbon and plenty of tulle gives the rooster skirt a fluffy fullness and decorate your chicken completes the princess look. Your chicken will not mind having such beauty and adorable dress on," Amazon store Pranovo writes in the description for the product.

And it seems chickens in tutus are proving quite popular on social media:

"Put your chick in a tutu and brighten your precious chicken’s day to have fun and take photos to record the beautiful memories and good times with this cute chick skirt," the description continues.

This clever animal pretended to faint in order to stop her nails being clipped:

The e-commerce giant also claims that the tutu is "easy to put on and stay on" and features two buckles under the elastic strap that provide enough room to put a wing through without disturbing the animal.

And based on its reviews, it seems that the customers are pretty happy with the product.

"My hen Lilly looks great in her new Tutu!" wrote one buyer, with another adding: "Absolutely fabulous. #priscillachicken".