9 of the craziest beauty trends for your vagina

We will forever be captivated by what the latest hair or makeup trends are, and we'll continue to look to our favourite celebs to see what kind of skincare routines they swear by. But it seems like there's another avenue to go down, judging by the number of bizarre beauty trends for your lady parts that have caught the attention of women around the world.

Gynaecologists everywhere are probably banging their heads against their desks right now, because they're constantly imploring us to not put anything nasty near our nether-regions. The vagina – the miracle that it is – is a totally self-cleaning entity, and it's going to be most happy when you leave it alone.

So we're going to present this list along with some advice on whether or not to go ahead with these 'trends'. Here are 9 vaginal beauty trends doing the rounds right now.

1. Pubic hair dye – Go ahead

We've seen people dye their underarm hair, and now changing the hue of your pubes seems to be a thing too. But if you're into the idea of turning your bush blue, remember to go for specially formulated dyes made to prevent irritation down there.

2. Passion dust – NOPE, NOPE, and one more time NOPE

These dissolvable capsules of glitter, which are designed to release a "sparkling candy-flavoured passion dust" during sex went viral, only before it was revealed that they are REALLY VERY BAD FOR YOU. Bacteria-infested glitter can cause infections, and the tiny but sharp edges can damage your vaginal wall. Ouch.

3. Vagacial – Maaaaaaybe

You can get a facial-like treatment for your vag using a light acid peel that supposedly cleanses and gently exfoliates the skin. While it claims not to irritate or burn, it's not really a treatment necessary to keep your skin down there healthy.

4. Vagina jewellery – Sure, but be careful

We all know about genital piercings, but a new trend saw the rise of dangly chains you can attach to your bikini bottoms, and even some charms that are worn by inserting them into the vagina. Make sure it's clean, surgical-grade material and don't get it caught on anything.

5. Pubic hair transplants – Fine

Popular in Korea and Japan, grafting the hair from the head onto the pubic region is done to achieve a fuller bush – supposedly a sign of sexual health and fertility. There seems to be no issue with it, but take a trip overseas if you want the procedure done by experienced professionals.

hair brush brushing hair woman beauty pubic hair transplants Credit: Getty

6. Steaming – That's a strong NO from me

Said to balance the hormones and cleanse (*rolls eyes*) the uterus, steaming your vagina is actually a terrible, terrible idea. The heat can breed unwanted bacteria and bad yeast, and the water vapour can wash away natural oils, leaving you dry and irritated.

7. Bleaching – Just... why?

A trend made popular due to porn, whitening daily creams can be applied to gradually brighten certain "bits" down there. Seek advice before doing this though, as the skin is thin and you don't want to burn it.

moisturiser woman after shower beauty skincare products Credit: Getty

8. Labiaplasty – Not unless you actually need it for medical reasons

Getting cosmetic surgery for your labia is just totally unnecessary – unless it's causing you discomfort. Everyone, please remember that we all have completely different vulvas and there is no such thing as a "normal" one.

plastic surgery instruments cosmetic scissors knife operation labiaplasty Credit: Getty

9. Hymen restoration – Err... if you really wanna then I guess it's okay?

Hymenorrhaphy involves a procedure of stitching the hymen back together to make you "a virgin again". But come on – we're not living in a Game of Thrones world.

bed sheets pillow bedroom Credit: Pixabay

Let's be honest here – half of these are really not good for your lady parts and are also kind of pointless. But still, would you be game enough to turn your bush a vibrant shade of pink?