This is Jennifer Garner's fool-proof secret for ensuring she never skips a workout

This is Jennifer Garner's fool-proof secret for ensuring she never skips a workout

In between her busy filming schedule, Jennifer Garner can be found looking after her three adorable kids, reaping the harvest from her little home farm or – er – walking the chickens.

The life of the 46-year-old certainly looks idyllic (becoming a chicken lady is such #goals), though you've got to admit it seems pretty busy.

However, the 13 Going on 30 actress has revealed that she never skips a workout, and it's all thanks to one super clever hack. She told Women's Health that she's a very early riser, with her alarm going off at 5:15 in the morning. Yikes. Not only that, but she gets out of bed and heads straight to the gym.

"I pop out of bed and hit the gym, even if I'm not fully awake," she said, adding that it's the only way she can't come up with excuses to convince herself not to do a workout.

"The first thing I do is work out before I talk myself out of it," she revealed. "I have my clothes laid out already (something I do the night before) and the coffee maker set so I can't make excuses — whether I'm exhausted or not."

It definitely makes sense – it's all too common to plan to hit the gym after work, only to get home and tell yourself it's too late to get changed and head out again, that you should probably finish your latest online clothes order, or that you deserve that glass of wine at the bar around the corner with your friends instead.

Garner said that even if she doesn't have much time, she makes sure to at least do some form of exercise, saying that "consistency" and building a lifestyle habit is key.

"Don’t let perfect get in the way of good," she said. "Don’t tell yourself 'I can’t work out because I don’t have an hour.' Do the 15 minutes you have and feel good about it. Exercise is about consistency."

In terms of what she does at the gym, Garner says she's partial to a fun music-driven cardio workout called Body by Simone.

"It’s a cardio workout, so you’re on the trampoline or you’re dancing–music is a big part of it. If she's not around to train me, I use her app to follow the workouts. They just make me happy! Even if I can only do it for 20 minutes, I make sure I'm sweating by the end, and that's a victory. I don't judge myself."

After the gym, she has a shower and freshens up before making breakfast for herself and her three kids, who she had with ex-husband Ben Affleck.

"Sometimes I have a smoothie, but I'm an eggs and avocado kinda girl. That's scrambled eggs with the yolk," she says. Her Instagram is proof that eggs laid by her many chickens are a key component of her diet.

"If I don’t get to cook my kids an entire meal, I focus on feeling good about what I can cook. I try my best not to give into guilt," she added.

Well, they all sound like excellent rules to live by. I for one am definitely trying the hack of laying out my gym clothes and setting the alarm early more often.