Asos slammed by shoppers over skimpy 'micro-bikini'

Asos slammed by shoppers over skimpy 'micro-bikini'

A bikini top from ASOS' swimwear collection is being ridiculed by their shoppers for the minimal amount of material used to make the item.

The popular fashion e-tailer's tiny garment leaves little to the imagination, as showcased by the model donning the bikini top on their website.

The item covers very little of the model's chest area and is held in place only by a single buckle.

In fact, it is now being branded a 'micro-bikini' by confused shoppers who are wondering how such a blatantly impractical garment could have been designed for use underwater.

The teeny tiny maroon-coloured item was even shared by @absos_sos, a parody Instagram account which exists for the sole purpose of mocking "ridiculous" ASOS items.

Captioned, "When you get dressed (and you’re) still drunk," the post only served to magnify the attention being given to the piece - most of that being good old-fashioned internet roasting.

"When you’re half asleep/drunk and put your bra on back to front," one user wrote in response to the post.

"When you pick up the luggage straps instead of your bra because it's dark!" another commented in jest.

"Me trying any swimsuit that comes as a 2 piece," added a third.

You should, however, be aware that if you're thinking of getting your hands on the piece that the bikini is for 'poolside posing only', according to the description on the ASOS site.

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