Couple reunited with holiday photos six years after dropping camera in river

Couple reunited with holiday photos six years after dropping camera in river

One of the more sentimental things about this modern age of technology is that we can capture moments just as they are - and treasure them for decades to come. It's particularly great to capture moments on camera when you're doing things outside of your everyday routine - with the people you love most.

That's why one particular couple was delighted to be reunited with the holiday photos they had lost in a river six years ago while canyoning with their daughters.

In July 2014, Alice Woods and Rob Davison lost their waterproof Fuji FinePix camera at Fairy Glen, in Betws-y-Coed.

Alice and Rob never thought they'd see their photos ever again - that is until the snaps were posted on social media by a complete stranger.

A number of Alice and Rob's friends saw the pics and drew their attention to the recovered photos.

It turns out that someone named Llion Gerallt had posted the images on social media after he found the camera near the River Conwy in Llanrwst over the weekend. The discovery was made around eight miles from where the family lost their camera. Llion decided to take the camera home, cleaned and dried the memory card, and found all 194 of the pictures taken by the family.

“I can’t believe it,” Alice told The Independent. “It’s a long time for the photos to have survived at the bottom of the river – and a random thing for some guy in Wales to recover.''

''I remember that day because one of the children was having a strop. I think Rob had given them the camera to cheer them up and they had lost it. A lot of people saw the post online and contacted Rob and a friend of mine from work contacted me. Neither Rob nor I have social media at all so it makes me laugh.''

According to Alice, her kids are “freaking out saying there better not be any photos of them on there”.

“It’s really nice news because we are all in our own little worlds at the moment,” she added.

“It’s slightly bizarre,” Rob said. “But it was a really nice surprise; something exciting in these times.”

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