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Decluttering expert reveals the 9 things you should never have in your bedroom

The bedroom is one of the most important zones of your humble abode. You spend at least a third of your day there slumbering, and everyone knows how important sleep is. Getting the right amount of Zzz's every night is proven to make you less stressed, have a stronger immune system, aid with weight loss and generally ensure you're not a baggy-eyed grouch ready to snap at the person who takes the last coffee cup at work.

And according to various decluttering experts, many of us are undermining a good night's sleep thanks to a bunch of unnecessary stuff we're hoarding in our bedrooms. So if you want a better night's sleep, and a space that sets the mood for other bedroom activities, then listen up and be prepared to ban these 9 things from the bedroom.

1. Papers

Keep your bills, bank statements and other kinds of paperwork out of there. It's meant to be a space of calm and rest and if you've got reminders of work and your slightly concerning financial situation about, you're not guaranteed a peaceful night's sleep devoid of nightmares about the tax man.

things you shouldn't have in bedroom papers bills paperwork folder filing taxes Credit: Pixabay

2. Screens

Phone/laptop/TV/tablet screens do not belong in the bedroom, experts say. The blue light emitted from these devices will keep you awake, plus it's important to switch off from any kind of technological stimulus at least half an hour before hitting the hay to ensure a good night's sleep.

woman in bed with phone Credit: Getty

3. A bedside table piled high with unidentifiable stuff

Hair ties, empty glasses, bits of jewellery, the clip-on reading light you never use and your spare pair of headphones shouldn't be occupying this space. The chaos of an overloaded bedside table can really affect your nerves and how well you sleep.

bed bedroom sleep pillow Credit: Pexels

4. Personal photos or art with depressive, violent or aggressive energy

While it's nice to see your loved ones smiling at you as soon as you wake up, it might also cause you stress at times when you feel overwhelmed by your relationships and your obligations. Bold artworks can also impact your mood, and it's best not to have anything too emotion-stirring in your sleep area.

art bedroom things you shouldn't have in bedroom Credit: Pixabay

5. Those silly pillows that are purely ornamental

Get rid of the ridiculous sausage-shaped cushions and the ones with the scratchy sequin covers. If you're having to move your decorative pillows on and off the bed every day – it's not worth it.

bed bedroom sleep pillow Credit: Pixabay

6. Things stuffed under the bed

While I'm partial to a well-designed and organised under bed frame drawer (thanks, IKEA), some experts say that having boxes and empty suitcases stored under the bed makes people uneasy. You might sleep better knowing there's an entirely clear space under your bed, so maybe it's worth clearing it all out.

bedroom interior things you shouldn't have in bedroom papers bills paperwork folder filing taxes Credit: Pixabay

7. Clothes 

Everyone's guilty of trying on different outfits and throwing the losing candidates over the edge of the bed or that chair everyone has in their bedroom. But steadily draping half your wardrobe over the furniture in your room can cause stress, and that's why it's better to pick your outfits the night before and throw dirty ones straight into the washing basket.

things you shouldn't have in bedroom papers bills paperwork folder filing taxes clothes Credit: Pexels

8. Half-used products that you barely touch anymore

Keep the things you use on a daily basis (if you don't store your makeup and skincare products in the bathroom), but throw out that cheap eyeshadow palette you never use and the cracked compact powder you're convincing yourself you should try and finish.

makeup brushes make-up Credit: Getty

9. Books

Go on and keep the novel you read before bed, but don't let them pile up and collect dust around you. Keep only the bare necessities in the bedroom, and your book collection where it belongs.

piles of books Credit: Pexels

So the general rule is not to keep anything that evokes stress or any other kind of strong emotion, and get rid of the unnecessary crap you don't need. Rather, keep candles, a plant and maybe even a chic little dawn simulator alarm clock to create a cosy little sleeping space that you'll love falling asleep and waking up in.