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This is Kate Middleton's genius hack to stop her shoes from slipping

Who better to teach our uncoordinated, gangly selves to be more poised and graceful than the Duchess of Cambridge? After all, Kate Middleton was once upon a time a plebian like the rest of us, going out for brunches at trendy London cafes, clubbing and partying at roller discos (no seriously) and a proponent of the classic girl-in-her-twenties line: "I work in marketing".

But since her inauguration into the royal spotlight, the 36-year-old has adopted a new lifestyle, and a style revolution to boot. Kate is always looking neat and tidy, wearing perfectly tailored dresses and jackets, and never stepping foot outside without a dainty stiletto heel on her foot (although sometimes it's wedges, even though that's technically not allowed for a royal).

kate middleton heels tights hack Credit: Getty

Yep – even in the cold, miserable months of winter in London where the days are perpetually soggy and grey, Kate clip-clops across town to her various public outings and royal events in heels and a skirt. Of course, the only way to survive in a climate like this is to wear a pair of tights under your get up, but then you add to the equation the chance of slipping inside your shoes and toppling off balance, falling face-first into a puddle with your skirt flying over your head and a whole crowd watching.

But it seems the possibility of this kind of PR crisis has not gone unnoticed, and preventative measures have been taken to ensure the Duchess of Cambridge doesn't take a tumble due to her tights. So what's the insider knowledge to her shoes not slipping?

kate middleton heels tights hack Credit: Getty

Well, turns out that her secret hack is similar to her other secret hack about how she manages to walk around in heels all day without limping with pain, in that it's all about the choice of product.

The reason she never has any shoe/tights slippage is due to the fact that she buys special tights that have little sticky pads at the bottom of the foot. It means the tights will have strengthened grip – much like the natural grip we have on our bare feet – meaning it'll be difficult to come out of the shoe if you do have a little stumble or accidentally get your heel caught in a grate. (Don't worry Kate, we've all been there).

kate middleton heels tights hack foot stuck in grate heel Credit: Getty

It's so genius that it's almost stupid, and although I've never heard of these magical no-slip tights before, apparently they're relatively easy to find. According to The Sun, Kate buys hers at John Lewis and you can snag the pantyhose – which comes in all colours – for just £5 ($8). The John Lewis website describes the product by saying: "With added Lycra for stretch and comfort, these hosiery essentials have been treated with a non-slip finish so that they do not ride down your legs".

This feels just like when I found out that sporks were a thing, and I know I'll be heading straight to the Socks & Tights section when I'm online shopping next...