You can now buy these adorkable matching shirts for you and your dog

You can now buy these adorkable matching shirts for you and your dog

If you're the owner of a dog, you'll most likely consider your four-legged furry friend more than just a pet. They're a member of the family, a close friend, and hell, even a confidant in some cases - a one-way confidant, but a confidant nonetheless.

They're just always there for us, perhaps without even meaning to - and that sort of unconditional love and support is something that is often lacking in human relationships.

Anyway, sentimental talk aside, there are plenty of hilarious ways you can show off the bond you have with your dog.

In fact, if you're bold enough, you can even transform your pooch into your very own twinsie with these matching jazzy shirts, courtesy of Pablo and Co Boutique.

dog/human shirts Credit: Paul and Co.

The Etsy brand is selling a matching set of banana-print, alligator-print, pink toucan-print and green toucan-print shirts - one for you and one for your little canine friend.

The shirts cost €45.67 (£41) for the human version and €28.04 (£25.17) for its dog-sized counterpart. Plus the shirts are shipped from Australia, so if you're not from down under they'll cost an additional €9.79 (£8.79).

And based on the reviews, it sounds like the shirts are well worth the buy!

One customer gave the item five stars, writing: "Love it - gets a good smile on the face of everyone who sees the matching top with the dog" adding that it "fit well - as with everything I purchase was too long for me but the buttons on the front made it super easy to tie up at the front."

dog/human shirts Credit: Paul and Co.

Another enthused viewer wrote: "So happy with our purchase! The quality of the material is great, not too thick or thin and it has a little give. The print is excellent, very clear & crisp. Bentley loves his new bandana & we're already planning our next purchase."

A third said it was her boyfriend's "best purchase of 2019", explaining: "My boyfriend purchased matching button ups for him and my dog. [...] Love the material and quality of the product. Would highly recommend!"