Some guy made a 'sex contract' for his fiancé and she responded in the most savage way

Wow, now this is something you don't hear every day. We go through so many relationship advice stories like These are the 7 toxic dating habits you need to get rid of already and Why you can't be "just good friends" with someone, but this tale is so in-your-face absurd that it doesn't need much commentary.

It's a story of an class-A moron who gave his fiancé a contract that stated she was required to have sex with him at least every six months or they'd get divorced. Big turn on, huh?

The guy, who gave himself the username "led_led" and clearly had an aversion to autocorrect, posted a query on Reddit titled "Contracual requirment to maintain promiscuity in a Marrige". It was posted in the Legal Advice forum and has since been deleted, but this is what it said:

"My significant other and I have been thinking of getting married, I've made it very clear that before marriage a prenup would have to be signed as I've known too many people screwed over by their spouses and judges. She's ready to sign it but there is one condition I've been thinking of adding that I'm not sure how enforceable it is."

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Okay, so far it seems pretty reasonable. A lot of people choose to get a prenuptial agreement before getting hitched to protect each others' assets in case a divorce or death happens. But this dude wanted something added to the pre-wedding contract...

"I want my wife to be required to maintain a sexual relationship with me for our entire marriage and if she fails to do so by abstaining from sex without mutual consent for a period of greater than six months than she doesn't get any alimony or child-support from the divorce.

I'm wondering how much it would cost to add such a term to a Pre-Nup and how enforceable would it be?"

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SMH forever and ever.

He added in the comments section that he just wanted to avoid a "sex-less relationship", and the whole thing attracted quite a few remarks in return.

"Having sex with a woman is not a man's right," one person wrote. "It's a benefit from a meaningful and functional relationship. Work on that, instead of trying to get your girlfriend to sign a contract with a minimum penetration quota. F**kin' hell... you're delusional."

The top comment was someone with authority on the matter who provided a well-reasoned shut-down to this man's idea, writing: "Hi, I'm a lawyer. That wouldn't be even remotely enforceable, and an argument could be made that by signing that contract you could be charged with soliciting prostitution."

"Also, you need to seriously evaluate what a relationship means to you. Wives are not sex vending machines - they are partners." 

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And just when you thought this guy couldn't get any more nauseating for suggesting contractually bound sex would lead to an enjoyable marriage, he added in the comments that he's a soon-to-be millionaire on account of being a hot-shot co-founder of a yet to be released cryptocurrency, that's apparently "going to make millions and a huge potential future income which [he wants] to protect."

Despite the comments which all had a general "uhh no man, don't do it" vibe, the guy posted a similar question about his sex contract to other subreddits including r/relationships, r/mensrights and r/redpill. And following that, he decided to go ahead and tell his fiancé about his special prenup add-on clause.

It should come as no surprise that she didn't really like the idea. Just three days after his first Reddit post, "led_led" uploaded a new complaint to the site titled "Ex-GF Caused me to Loose Poteional Millions via Slander [CA]." Turns out she dumped the cretin, got him evicted from their place and got him fired from his amazing business venture. It sucks buddy, but that's what you get for being a jerk.

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That post has also since been removed, but the comments show that he was moaning about his girlfriend dumping him and asking him to leave their place, which she was paying for, forcing him to crash on someone's couch. He went on to call her a "gold digger" and said she had "ridiculous demands".

What a crazy saga. The good news is that neither of them can take legal action against each other, even though she got him fired and evicted. But we're just glad that she got out of that relationship stat.