14 hilarious excuses to use if you need to get out of a bad date

14 hilarious excuses to use if you need to get out of a bad date

At some point in everyone's dating history there comes a moment when you desperately wish you could get out of a date. Maybe you've agreed to go on one set up by a friend, or perhaps you're halfway through date number two, and it's just dawned that you are so not meant to be together because he's eating edamame beans with the skin still on.

Whatever the scenario was for you, it's not easy to come up with an excuse to bail. I mean, it's totally okay to just say no and explain why you don't think it'll work in an honest (but not too brutal) manner, but we do have a tendency to not want to hurt someone's feelings. Which is why, more often than not, we come up with some kind of lame excuse to ditch the date.

But if you thought your excuse was bad, then you really need to read these. Thanks to a trending Twitter hashtag, the people of the internet have come through with some hilarious excuses to leave their dates. Read on...

1. Enough said

2. Didn't wanna leave Netflix hanging

3. It can happen to anyone

4. The cat is always number one

5. Here's one to make the date leave first

6. I'm a dangerous woman...

7. It's a life or death situation

8. Like, honestly?

9. I'm just really concerned about my dental health, OKAY

10. Well, there's no shame in telling the truth, right?

11. The "lady problems" card

12. Simple but genius

13. And it needs to be done NOW

14. It'd be rude to keep them waiting

Next time you receive a message suggesting a date from the guy you drunkenly gave your number to, you now have a few excuses up your sleeve in case you need to get out of it. Of course, it's always better to be frank, upfront and honest with someone, but sometimes a witty excuse seems the least brutal way to go.

But no matter what, don't stress about it too much. Come on – we've all been there – and irrespective of how awkward or hilariously disastrous the world of dating can be, at least we've got some good stories to come out of it.