11 year old savage break up texts to ex

This 11-year-old's hilariously savage break-up texts have left the internet in tears

Ahhh... how we long for our younger years when we had nothing to worry about other than if we could squeeze in another lap around the block on our Rollerblades before we were yelled at to come to the dinner table. Not a worry in the world, other than the little things, like whether your best friend Steph would ever finish making your friendship bracelets. Yep, those were the days.

But for the kids of 2018, things seem to be very different. They're out there playing Minecraft as if their lives depended on it, and obsessing over stars like Taylor Swift and Jacob Sartorius. And in general, they just seem way more grown-up and concerned about "adult" things than we were at that age.

11 year old savage break up texts to ex Credit: Pixabay

It must be largely thanks to the internet that we see so many tiny people posing as adults, with Instagram and YouTube there as free sources of inspiration. It means that young teenagers are waaay more stylish than we ever were (photos from 2005, please never surface again), and it also means that they're more concerned about what their relationship status is too.

While young love has always been a thing, it seems that teens and tweens these days are taking things to a whole new level. Like this 11-year-old girl, who has become internet-famous thanks to her older sister posting the savage text exchange she had with her now ex-boyfriend.

phone texting 11 year old savage break up texts to ex Credit: Pixabay

The older sister, Mia Martin, posted screenshots of the messages to Twitter with the caption: "My 11 year old sister’s conversation with her ex. I’m deceased". It shows how her little sister affectionately labelled her ex 'D*ck Face' on her phone, and issued some certified burns to tell him that things were over.

They seem to be arguing about her choice to sit down "at the dance instead of standing up with everyone else" (trivial to us, but potentially a very important issue for 11-year-olds) causing her to call him a "little boy" and he calling her a "dumb doodle". It's the stuff of gold, really.

Read on for the full exchange.

11 year old savage break up texts to ex Credit: Twitter / @mia_martin30

11 year old savage break up texts to ex Credit: Twitter / @mia_martin30

Aside from the questions of A) why does an 11-year-old have an iPhone and B) since when did people start getting into "real" relationships so young, it's a pretty hilarious conversation. And it seems like the rest of Twitter agrees.

One person pointed out something I think many of us can agree on: "Thank gosh screenshots didn't exist when I was that age. Yikes."

And others revelled in the level of sass displayed by this girl, and how easily she was able to shut down the dude and his crippling insult that he's "taller" than her.

Well, if you can accept that growing up is much different to how it used to be – for better or for worse – at least we can take joy in the fact that things like this exist. Thank you, 2018.