10 Things all women do during sex when no-one is looking

While it's pretty hard for your mind to wander when you're getting down and dirty with someone, it does tend to happen. Even if you're lost in the depths of their eyes or mesmerised by the textbook abs they've been hiding all along – there are a few things most women check up on even in the most intimate of moments.

It might be that we're a little self-conscious, but mostly it's because we're excellent multitaskers who know adjusting a little something here and taking a glance to see how something's doing there will make your experience so much better. Sex is meant to be fun and yes it can be awkward, but as long as you can laugh it off, there's nothing wrong with that. We're all in the same boat, as you'll see with these 10 things all women do during sex when they think no-one is looking.

1. A sneaky nose pick

Especially if you're assuming cowgirl position when his line of sight is directly up your nasal passages, it's a courtesy to clear away any oversized boogers so as not to traumatize him.

woman nose Credit: Pexels

2. Tie your hair back

Swiftly gathering your locks into a loose bun or a messy ponytail is a good idea for everyone because it means no-one will have to stop to spit out strands of hair mid-romp.

hair bun Credit: Pexels

3. You shoot a subtle glance at your boobs as they disappear into your armpits when you're lying down

Because you always forget that they do that when you're on your back without a bra or top on.

alt Credit: Pixabay

4. Check out your underwear

Just as a guy will eyeball a girl's undies, we're curious about your choice of undergarments too. Note – old manky ones are a big turn-off.

alt Credit: Pexels

5. Your mind starts to wander to very unsexy places

After a while, you might start thinking about what you're going to have for dinner or that you still haven't paid your water bill.

pen calculator bills statements graph paperwork Credit: Pixabay

6. She peeks to see if you've got a... you know

And even if you don't, she'll probably think it's because of something she did, as silly as that sounds.

woman shocked face Credit: Pexels

7. That the door is shut

When you start getting paranoid that your housemate might see or that your cat will walk in and take place as an uninvited spectator.

shocked cat Credit: Pexels

8. Have a tactical scratch

You'll probably take the chance to scratch that itch when they're not looking – it might look very ungainly but AHHH that's the spot.

alt Credit: Pexels

9. You look at your phone

It might've just lit up with a notification and if you stretch your neck juuust enough maybe you'll be able to catch who it was...

phone with earphones Credit: Pexels

10. Check the time

Because shouldn't you be heading to the cinema to catch that movie soon?

clock alarm time Credit: Pexels

While we may not admit to doing all of these, I'm sure most people have experienced a "session" in the bedroom where you've sneakily done one of the above. And while you may think that no-one is looking, you'd be surprised how many times he's seen you pick your nose before climbing on top... Oops.