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4 Exercises you need to be doing for better sex

You know you should be slurping oysters and spritzing your cleavage with perfume to tantalise the senses, but is it true that your fitness regime can also impact how good sex feels? Well, yes!

The best kind of exercise to do for sex is probably something like yoga – helping to strengthen and tone your muscles, as well as improving flexibility so you can get freaky in any position you could imagine. It's pretty obvious that to have a lusty and long-lasting romp, you're going to have to be reasonably limber and fit enough to not be gasping for air two minutes after assuming cowgirl position.

But something that's less obvious is that you should be targeting the muscles you use in the saddle (if you know what I mean) to make sex feel even better. Yep, the muscles in your pelvic floor are so important, yet are often neglected by both men and women.

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People tend to assume that doing kegel exercises that target the pelvic floor are only for those who have problems like urinary incontinence. While this is pretty common (1 in 3 women will suffer from a pelvic floor problem at one point in their life), what's lesser known is that working out the muscles in your lady parts could seriously improve your sex life.

A stronger pelvic floor will heighten the sensitivity you feel during sex, leading to stronger orgasms for women. And who doesn't want that?

What's more is that pelvic floor health is closely related to your weight and overall fitness. "Weight-loss can have a substantial effect on a woman’s pelvic floor," says Dr Shirin Lakhani, pointing out that being overweight can lead to pelvic floor problems. "Losing just 10% of your body weight can increase the strength of your pelvic floor by 50%."

However, she stresses that it's very important to exercise the right muscles consistently, and recommends following a kegel exercise plan, such as this one created by Kegel8. You only need to do each exercise ten times per workout (ideally per day), and some of them you can easily do unnoticed while sitting at your desk or when at home brushing your teeth.

2. For anytime, anywhere (no-one will notice you're even doing them)

exercises for better sex orgasm pelvic floor muscles Credit: Kegel8

2. For strengthening your pelvic floor, and tightening that booty 

exercises for better sex orgasm pelvic floor muscles Credit: Kegel8

3. Same thing as before, just hold it a bit longer

exercises for better sex orgasm pelvic floor muscles Credit: Kegel8

4. You can easily do this while waiting for the kettle to boil 

exercises for better sex orgasm pelvic floor muscles Credit: Kegel8

And in case you wanted a bonus exercise (yay!), try adding plié squats to your workout too. Turn your toes out in a wide stance, and squat keeping your knees wide, rather than out in front of you. It'll help keep your vaginal muscles strong, and will help tone your legs with a focus on the inner thighs.

But keep in mind that you'll probably only see results after 8 to 20 weeks of doing the exercises daily. So if you're committed to spicing up your sex life and amping up those orgasms, you know what to do...