8 Things you should never do before sex

There are a lot of unspoken rules we all follow when we know we're going to get some. Like bringing out the lingerie set that otherwise rarely comes out from the depths of your underwear drawer, and doing constant smell checks to make sure you're as delightful on the nose as you are on the eye.

But there are some things we do before having sex that we should really be avoiding, and they may surprise you. From shaving right before you're getting down and dirty with someone to brushing your teeth in a certain way, here are 8 things you should never do before having sex.

1. Don't shave right before your date

If you like to keep things trimmed down there, you're better off shaving the night before you're thinking of having sex. Your skin needs a chance to heal, as the area you shave will be very sensitive right after you've gotten out of the shower. Because it's irritated after you've exfoliated the top layer of skin, your skin is more vulnerable to infections.

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2. Avoid taking antihistamines before sex

Taking allergy-relief medication works by drying out your mucus membranes to make your nose stop dribbling. But at the same time, it dries out other parts of your body – including your lady parts. You might find it difficult to self-lubricate in this scenario.

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3. Don't guzzle the whole bottle of wine

While a glass or two can get you buzzing and in the mood, you really don't want to be drinking too much alcohol before having sex. It's harder for men to ejaculate and it takes a longer time for women to get stimulated if they're under the influence, as alcohol depresses the nervous system - which is important for you to be able to get aroused and climax. And let's face it; drunk sex sucks.

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4. Don't eat anything too pungent

Garlic, onions and asparagus all mess with your body's natural odours, and chances are you'll smell and taste of these pungent veggies down there. Also avoid beans, lentils, broccoli, cauliflower, kale and other cabbages because these guys – as healthy as they are – will leave you feeling gassy and probably not your sexiest self.

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5. Or anything too spicy

A really hot curry or a jalapeno-loaded pizza isn't really a good idea on a date – again, because of the odours, bloating, and relentless gas. Plus, if you've been eating with your hands or preparing the meal, then the spicy residue that lingers on your fingers is going to be a total disaster if you're touching your partner's private parts later on... ouch.

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6. And don't eat too much of anything either

You'll feel sluggish and tired. Plus, if you're like me you don't want any waistband that's too tight or anyone coming near your food baby.

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7. Put down the energy drinks

You might think they'll give you a boost of energy to get you all hot and heavy, but the truth is, all the sugar in energy drinks will give you a quick burst of hyperactivity, but then you'll likely crash and feel even more tired than you were to start with.

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8. And don't use an electric toothbrush

As weird as it sounds, using an electric toothbrush can make you more prone to STDs. The spinning bristles can cause tears in the gums, and if you finish up with an alcohol-based mouthwash, the inside of your mouth can dry out and become irritated, making it easier to get sores and contract diseases. No thank you!

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Well, now you know to steer clear of energy drinks and antihistamines if you want to make it a memorable night. And choose your date location wisely, maybe the Mexican place around the corner isn't your best bet...