These are the 9 'sex habits' of couples who are super happy

Getting intimate with your partner is a very important part of the relationship. You guys aren't doing it with any other people (unless, you know, that's your thing), and so the moments you share in the bedroom should be a special part of your bond.

But if you feel you could still up-the-ante between the sheets, you might consider picking up some new habits to not only keep things spicy but also to nurture a deeper and more meaningful connection with your SO. Here are 9 "sex habits" that loved-up couples swear by to get you started.

1. You're sexy and you know it

Being confident in the bedroom, knowing your partner is turned on by you, and fostering a feeling of mutual sexual interest is so important. You know that your partner doesn't just love the act itself, but especially loves doing it with you, which naturally makes for a happier (and sexier!) relationship.

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2. Talking about sex doesn't make you squirm

Surprise, surprise! People who have good sex talk about it. By starting a conversation about it (or using other communicative "cues" in the moment), you can tell each other exactly what you like best. Good partners will remember that and keep it in mind for next time...

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3. You are a positive ray of sunshine

Yes, you should be talking about what turns you on and what doesn't, but you should also talk about sex in a positive way, rather than get too critical or focus on the stuff you dislike. It's all about how you say it, so keep "positive reinforcement" in mind.

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4. Even if it's not a thing on the to-do list – just do it!

Some people do have to "schedule" sex when both parties lead incredibly busy lives, but really, the intimate moments between you should come naturally. Pay attention to each other, and use the spare moments at home when you don't know whether to pluck your eyebrows or to keep scrolling Instagram to give some lovin' to your partner who's probably doing something just as unimportant.

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5. They stay curious

Loved-up couples aren't afraid to let their imaginations go wild and entertain their own fantasies. While you might not want to share everything with your partner, learning about what excites them physically and psychologically can lead to a deeper connection.

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6. There's no pressure or expectation

Real-life sex isn't a spectacular occasion every single time, and that's okay. It's better to accept that, and not feel like you both need to be constantly giving a mind-blowing performance. It's a mindful experience, and pressure and expectations can really mess with that.

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7. No-one bats away advances as an automatic reflex

Sex should always be consensual – don't get me wrong – but maybe refrain from shutting your partner down when they make some kind of move. Don't be too quick to say "no", and try instead to be more responsive rather than automatically assuming you're not in the mood.

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8. You don't forget the little things

While a steamy evening spent on your anniversary and big romantic gestures are nice, happy couples know that a phone call or message throughout the day, or even just a meaningful look while you're at the supermarket helps to keep your connection strong. Don't take things for granted, and don't underestimate small but intimate gestures.

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9. It's all about the fun of it

You don't take "it" or yourself too seriously, and there is no feeling of "obligation" in participating. Sex should be fun for everyone, and getting into the right frame of mind is super important.

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Now go on with your newfound knowledge and approach the matters of the bedroom (and heart) with a refreshed attitude. You can thank me later.