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Expert reveals what all your freaky sex dreams really mean

Whether you care to admit it or not, we all have sex dreams.

Maybe it's a recurring one involving you and a late-90's era Jude Law, sitting inside a giant teacup at a fairground while he slowly peels off the layer of candy floss that you're covered in. Or perhaps you find yourself "experimenting" with another woman but before you realise it, she's actually morphed into your ex-boyfriend and you wake up in a panic, genuinely concerned about why you've dreamed about him again. So what do these crazy sex dreams mean?

Well, according to experts, sex dreams are most common after we've been menstruating and our hormones are a little out of whack, or when we're just feeling extra horny. Dr Jennifer Parker, an associate research fellow at the University of West England adds that getting racy with a celebrity or dreaming of cheating on your partner are the most common kinds of sex dreams.

"Dreams of having sex with a 'taboo' person (like a partner's best friend), may leave women feeling guilty and questioning if they may fancy this person in waking life," Dr Parker explains.

"But in fact, if you're having a lot of sex dreams it can simply mean you're feeling extra aroused or that your mind and body are hoping to snap you out of a dry spell."

Here are 6 of the most common sex dreams and what they could mean.

1. Sex with an ex

Getting it on with your first boyfriend in your dream doesn't mean you should call him up straight away and insist that you two get back together. These dreams are more about you craving the kind of fun, vibrant emotions that come with the passions and excitement of your first love, so put the phone down.

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2. Cheating

If you're the one doing the cheating, it's probably a sign that you're feeling unfulfilled or undesired in your relationship. If you see your partner cheating on you, then it probably means you've got some insecurities and feelings of jealousy.

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3. With someone of the same sex

Try and focus on the qualities of this person you're having sex with – it's probably these traits more than anything else that you desire.

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4. With someone you hate

This could be your subconscious trying to get you to come to terms with this person. It's not good to carry around hate, you know?

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5. With a celebrity

Getting it on with a famous person in your dream signals that you have a drive to be successful. Or, you know, you're just obsessed with them.

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6. With someone inappropriate

Your friend's partner, a coworker, your boss ... it could be you craving more passion in your life or even making a subtle critique of your own integrity. Or in the case of the boss, it might be that you're telling yourself to take charge more and be a boss yourself.

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See? No reason to look so sheepish next time you go to the office with last night's desires still in mind. It's perfectly normal to have sex dreams, as whacky as they might seem to you at first. Sweet dreams!