Here's what people do at least once a week to have more sex, and it might surprise you

Buying a racy set of lingerie or feeding each other oysters during a romantic candlelit dinner are well-known ways to spice up your sex life. But it turns out that the people who are getting it on more frequently than anyone else swear by something else, and you'll never guess what it is.

While you might get into that daze where you blink really slowly and smile at your surroundings while thinking about what a great yet underrated invention tilt-and-roll luggage is, turns out that people who smoke marijuana are also better in the bedroom. Yup, even though you might be feeling more mellow than usual, you're probably also feeling a little friskier too, if you know what I mean.

A new study of more than 50,000 Americans looked at how often they had sex over the last month and compared it with whether they were using different kinds of drugs or not. Published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, the findings stated that both men and women who smoked weed on the regular had sex more often than those who never used the psychoactive drug.

What's more, researchers found that the ones who reported to have the most sex were also the ones who toked up more often. Women who used marijuana every single day were found to have had sex an average of 7.1 times in the month under study, while non-users only did it 6 times. That's a total of nearly 20 per cent more sex.

And with new and trendy cannabis companies now allowed to legally grow, sell and market their products in an increasing number of US states, who wouldn't be delighted to receive a nicely designed little package like this as an anniversary present?

While the study didn't point to exactly why users of the devil's lettuce were more sexually active, previous research might give us an inclination. For one, it's known that the area in our brains that triggers desires into action (the right nucleus accumbens, if you must know) is more easily stimulated when smoking weed. Participants of another study were shown erotic images, with some under the influence of cannabis and others not, which lead to this discovery.

It's a widely known belief that wacky tobacco can act as an aphrodisiac, proved by another study from 2003 which found that 53 per cent of regular pot smokers said it helped increase their arousal, while only 24 per cent said it lessened it. Some people say that it's the absence of inhibitions that makes people feel more in the mood for sex. However, while alcohol or cocaine also make you feel more uninhibited, it was found that these drugs did not have any relation to a better love life and more frequent sex.

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New York Magazine reported that many people find that orgasms can feel more intense and go on for longer, and because so many people say their best orgasms have happened while stoned, they're more likely to do it again. And again, and again.

"By increasing arousal, it may be that your libido or sexual satisfaction are increased, which helps explain the association [with more sex]," said study author Michael Eisenberg, MD.

So it might be time to snuggle on the couch together, light some candles and light up for a really romantic night in.

Just don't smoke too much of it, because you'll likely slip right into a nice, long nap rather than anything else in the bedroom.