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People from these 10 countries buy the most sex toys

There's something undeniably sexy someone who has the hint of a foreign accent. Maybe it's the excitement of the unknown or just the fact that there's something different about them, but whatever it is, it's universally true that everyone finds the idea of an overseas lover enticing.

But if you've never been lucky enough to have your own foreign affair (so to speak), then fret not, because I have some juicy new information about the countries of the world and their particular sexual preferences. Today, we'll look at which nations are most fond of including sex toys in their bedroom escapades.

New data from Vouchercloud was used to create a ranking of sex toy usage worldwide. Researchers used a sample of 18 of the most popular sex toy products from Lovehoney and tracked who was searching for them online. They were then able to determine which country had the most users searching for sex toys.

And they might not be what you expected. The top ten countries were predominantly of the European persuasion, with Scandinavians taking the cake...

"Our first thought was, naturally, it’s a pretty good way to deal with the cold," researcher Ben Harrow told Bustle.

"Denmark and Sweden weren’t so much of a surprise, given the relaxed approach to life and society they offer up — that and the consistent high performances in happiness ratings. Greenland we have no answers for."

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Want to know who else is into sex toys across the world? Take a look, because these are the top ten countries most interested in buying them:

  1. Denmark
  2. Sweden
  3. Greenland
  4. United States
  5. United Kingdom
  6. Netherlands
  7. Russia
  8. Bulgaria
  9. Italy
  10. Australia

As Harrow says, it's no surprise that Scandinavian countries are into toys considering their liberal ways, and overall happiness which might translate into them not being afraid to experiment sexually. Plus, the winter months are long and the days extremely short, so you've gotta mix things up in the bedroom from time to time.

The US and UK ranked next, because duh, the West is into sex, followed by the Netherlands - a country which historically was one of the first to destigmatise prostitution and sex in general. Russia, Bulgaria and Italy followed, confirming that Europeans are as randy as we thought, and the land down under finished up in tenth place.

"Some of the bigger surprises were in the nations that didn’t rank, including Japan, France and Germany," contemplated Harrow. "They let their respective sides down a bit, and caught us off guard considering the sexually adventurous and romantic stereotypes that are associated with their residents."

And it's not just because these countries don't use the website due to language barriers – researchers searched for sex toy terms in all possible languages using Google translator. It could just be that buying stuff online isn't as popular there, or that particular stock wasn't as widely available.

"Europe was actually a lot closer together than we thought, but the rest of the world likely lags so far behind because there’s just not the e-commerce to backup demand across a lot of the rest of the world — you aren’t going to search for sex toys when you can’t buy them!" Harrow says.

It's always good to learn a bit more about our fellow citizens of the world, isn't it?