You can now buy shower shields to protect your makeup while you wash

You can now buy shower shields to protect your makeup while you wash

Sometimes it just happens: you've applied your makeup, and it looks flawless - if you do say so yourself - and your hair is done, but crucially, you've left showering to the last minute. Obviously, you don't want to ruin all your hard work, and luckily this is where SHOWRSHIELD comes in.

SHOWRSHIELD is designed to protect your makeup while you bathe, and it's just genius.

The product, which retails for around £11.77 ($14.95), is basically a plastic shield which you fix to your head with a velcro strap, prior to stepping into the shower.

The SHOWRSHIELD won't just stop your makeup from running, it was also designed to protect your skin post facial surgery, and eyelash extensions, and microbladed eyebrows - things which you are advised to keep dry after treatment.

"I started this company after standing in the shower countless times using my hands as a makeshift shield in an attempt to protect my previously applied makeup (that took me a considerable amount of time and not to mention money to apply) from getting ruined," said founder, Sheridan Elle. "It quickly became part of my beauty regime and saves me countless times when i'm in a rush or just want a shortcut in getting ready."

"It works great for the aftercare and maintenance of recent facial surgery, microblading, and eyelash extensions. Taking care of your procedures post-operation is not only critical but also something that should be done with ease and worry free when healing," she continued.

You can purchase SHOWRSHIELD in two colour-ways, black or pink. The company is based in the US, but they ship internationally.