Donald Trump reveals what he gave Melania for her birthday this year

Donald Trump reveals what he gave Melania for her birthday this year

Despite his divisive policies and questionable methods of government, Donald Trump attracts a lot of love from his supporters and fans. In fact, just in the last day or so, Kanye West spoke out on Twitter to declare his appreciation for the POTUS, and last week, Shania Twain caused a stir after she revealed that she, too, supported the former businessman being in the White House.

But not everyone has such a warm and open attitude.

For instance, Trump's younger daughter, Tiffany, reportedly has very little contact with her father, and many of the President's former staff have come out against the man since leaving his employ. But even with all criticism being thrown at Trump from both his personal circle and, well, pretty much the rest of the world, nobody's contempt of the man can seem to match up to that of his wife: Melania Trump.

melania and donald trump smiling Credit: Twitter/FLOTUS

Though the first lady may seem happy in many of her posed photos with the president, she is just as often caught looking sour-faced and surly. But can you blame her, really?  He has allegedly cheated on her with at least two different porn stars since the birth of their son.

After a recent revelation about what he bought his wife for her 48th birthday, a lot of people might want to reconsider jumping to old Don's defence when it comes to the topic of his relationship with Melania...

Because he apparently didn't even get her a gift.

Melania Trump Credit: Wikimedia

Speaking to Fox and Friends, Trump admitted: "I better not get into that [Melania's birthday] because I may get in trouble. Maybe I didn't get her so much. I tell you what ... I got her a beautiful card. I'm very busy to be running out looking for presents. I got her a beautiful card, beautiful flowers."

So, let me get this straight: a guy who spends most of his time bragging about his wealth, playing golf, and goofing around on Twitter was supposedly too "busy" to get his wife a birthday present. I mean, surely he must have a ton of staff that could do it for him? And how difficult is it to order something online? (Although, with the whole Jeff Bezos debacle, Trump is probably avoiding Amazon).

melania trump Credit: Wikimedia

Look, we could sit here all day slinging mud at Trump for his personal qualities - and he's certainly done worse things than forget his wife's birthday. But, in light of everything he's been accused of recently, you'd think he'd want to redeem himself as a good husband by remembering to get her a gift.

Yet again, though, Trump has proven his expertise in disappointing those who trust him. What a guy.