Woman so fed up with Tinder that she posts dating applications into strangers' letterboxes

Woman so fed up with Tinder that she posts dating applications into strangers' letterboxes

While Tinder is arguably past its hey-day, there is now a deluge of dating apps with different niches designed to help you find your perfect match. Some people, however, have tired of online dating - and the sort of people they find on them - preferring to look for love in the old fashioned way, that is, through face to face interaction.

Case in point: a woman has grown so frustrated with this modern era of dating that she started posting dating applications through strangers' letterboxes.

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The 26-year-old, who hails from Melbourne, Australia, asserted that she was over online dating, which she branded as "superficial".

"Are you single and between the age of 26 and 34? Read on... Neither of those? Have a skim through if you wish... You might be amused as someone older, younger, or in a relationship, " began the letter, which she posted to random houses in her neighbourhood. "What this is all about is wanting to cut out the superficiality of dating apps and meet a man who has similar interests to me, so I thought I'd go to the source as I love spending time outside."

The woman, who has chosen to remain anonymous, then went onto list her requirements in a partner, revealing that she wants someone "in good physical and mental health" because apparently having mental health issues is "unsexy". She also added that she doesn't do one-night stands, and abhors d*ck pics - which, you know, fair.

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"I'm 26 and those I chat to around my age who are both single and in a relationship agree it is hard to/would be hard to meet single people aside from using dating apps," the woman continued. "I don't really drink much these days, so I think that creates a bit of a barrier to meeting people. It'd be refreshing to get to know someone who doesn't need to go out and get trashed with friends every weekend. Also someone in good physical and mental health. I'm not your therapist. The relationship quickly becomes unsexy. That person is best as a friend."

"I realise this is the perfect way to attract a bunch of creepers - but I'm going to give it a shot knowing it's a f*cked up, disgustingly sex-centric driven world of people out there." 

"I am looking for a relationship, not a f*ck buddy and not friends with benefits - so, no commitment-phobes," she concluded.

As could be expected, her list of demands did not receive the best reception. "Calling poor mental health 'unsexy' is potentially the most vile commentary I've ever heard," wrote one Reddit user, while another took affront with the whole premise of the idea, stating "Really, this is a kinda shallow list no different to anything you’d see on a dating app."

Others, however, had nothing but praise for her out-there approach. "Love doesn't always fall into your lap," cautioned one individual. "You have to get out there."