You can now rent a bouncy castle for your wedding day

You can now rent a bouncy castle for your wedding day

There are many things to love about weddings. Aside from the fact that it's a joyous celebration of love, they also provide an opportunity to dress up, and if you're lucky, there will be an open bar to boot. But now, it looks like tying the knot is going to get even more enjoyable, thanks to companies which allow couples to rent a bouncy castle for their big day.

The white inflatable castles are fit to hold adults and children alike. They measure around 17 feet by 20 feet by 13 feet, but you'll need a space of 23 feet by 33 feet by 15 feet in order for there to be sufficient space.

"ALL WHITE WEDDING BOUNCE HOUSE! A fun gorgeous photo op for your wedding, bridal shower, engagement party, or baby shower!" writes rental company, White Wedding Jumpers, on Instagram about their castles.

"We are the leading provider all white Bounce Houses for all of Orange County and the surrounding areas! Our all-white bounce houses make for great photo opportunities as well as providing entertainment for your guests! We also offer a package deal that includes a lounging area for your guest to sit and lounge before their opportunity to take amazing photos in our adult size bounce house." 

In the UK, you're able to rent an inflatable castle from companies such as A Wedding Wonderland, 1 Entertainment and Mr Bouncy Castle.

Getting married just got more fun!