Jennifer Lopez reveals her secrets for continuing to look absolutely flawless

Jennifer Lopez reveals her secrets for continuing to look absolutely flawless

Either Jennifer Lopez has a dramatically ageing portrait locked away in her attic, or you know, she takes very good care of herself. Certainly, while we'd like to chalk it down to the pop-star winning the genetic lottery - you know, to spare us from doing any hard work - it appears that J-Lo follows some pretty intensive routines to conserve her fountain of youth. Yes, though she may be from the block, her exercise and skincare regimens are anything but.

Read on to see how the 46-year-old stays looking so fresh...

1. On meditation

Lopez starts the day off on the right foot: with a moment of calm. "I try to always to get as much sleep as I can so that I can start the day well rested and do my morning meditation and affirmations," she revealed.

2. J-Lo says that her exercise regimen is "hard work"

The songstress's fitness routine certainly isn't a walk in the park. "It’s no secret that I love dancing, so it doesn’t even feel like exercise to me," she said. "I freestyle dance with Tracy Anderson five times a week. We’ll incorporate light weights (3 lbs) for the arms and moves that focus on the butt and thighs and engage the core."

But it doesn't just end there. She also does circuit training with renowned celebrity fitness coach, David Kirsch, whenever she's in New York. "I also do circuit training with David Kirsch when I’m in New York. We do hour-long circuits at least three times a week. It's full-body training — so planks, pushups, boxing — really everything. It’s all about changing it up and keeping your body guessing," she explained.

3. SPF is key in her skincare routine 

Lopez broke down how she achieves her flawless complexion. The 46-year-old, who is a spokesperson for L'Oréal Paris, revealed that show loves "glycolic acid to get that healthy glow and clear skin." She also never goes to bed without taking her makeup off, and uses night creams daily to keep her skin hydrated. Her most important tip, however, was to use SPF - "every single day. You have to protect your skin."

4. And the secret ingredient is... 

While we were all hoping for some mystical elixir, the pop-singer relies on plain old H2O to keep the wrinkles at bay. "Sorry it's true," she quipped. "I think drinking lots of water and fresh foods with lots of fruits and vegetables (I keep [them] with me at all time) all play into the quality of skin’s appearance."

Though we won't be able to score sweat sessions with the likes of Tracy Anderson and David Kirsch anytime soon, there are certainly some things here that we can incorporate into our everyday routines. I mean, it's not that hard to ensure we're drinking plenty of water and getting our five-a-day. But when in doubt, I'm sure a quick boogie à la J-Lo will work wonders too.