12 women who had abortions explain their reasons why

12 women who had abortions explain their reasons why

The state of Alabama attempted to pass one of the nation's most restrictive bans on abortions in 2019. It was quickly dubbed as a war on American women.

The law proposed to ban abortions at any stage of pregnancy. And with no exceptions for rape and incest. The Human Life Protection Act followed the spread of "heartbeat" bills across the country, which aimed to prohibit termination one a foetal heartbeat is detected.

Put in place on 15 May 2019, it aimed to impose a near-complete ban on abortion in November of the same year. But a legal challenge against the bill delayed implementation.

abortions Campaigners have been fighting for women's rights to make their own decisions (Credit: PA)

In response, women spoke about their abortions online

1. Actress Busy Phillips said that women should be able to access abortions if they so choose

"No bill that criminalizes abortion will stop anyone from making this incredibly personal choice, but these laws will put more women at risk," she said on her eponymous talk show.

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"Every woman deserves compassion and care, not judgment and interference when it comes to their own bodies... Women and their doctors are in the best position to make informed decisions about what is best for them. Nobody else, nobody."

2. "I never wanted a child" 

"I’ve had an abortion. At a time where I could barely afford to feed myself or pay rent. I fell pregnant to someone who did not treat me well. My best friend paid for it because I couldn’t afford it, & drove me to a safe, unmarked clinic [sic].

"I never wanted a child. I never expected to fall pregnant and took precautions. At the time I was not dealing well with my depression and was also a borderline alcoholic. I needed that abortion to save my own life in a lot of ways."

3. "[Abortion] allowed me to leave a bad relationship"

"I had an abortion. It allowed me to leave a bad relationship and go on to have two kids and a good relationship."

4. "One of the easiest decisions I ever made"

"Sick of seeing concern trolling about how an abortion is one of the hardest choices of a person’s life. Maybe it is for some people but it sure isn’t for everyone. One of the easiest decisions I ever made and I haven’t regretted it for one second."

5. "I am so, so grateful"

My daughter is alive today because I chose to have an abortion almost a decade ago. I am so, so grateful to be her mother. #ShoutYourAbortion #YouKnowMe

6. "If you love me, you love someone who had an abortion"

"I had an abortion 5 months ago. I have no regrets, but it wasn’t an easy decision. It affects my daily life. I’m going to fight like no tomorrow to make sure these laws do not pass. If you love me, you love someone who had an abortion."

7. "[It] saved me from an abusive relationship"

"The nurse from Planned Parenthood who counselled me before my abortion saved me from an abusive relationship. So did my abortion.

8. "I now have a healthy child because I was lucky enough to have access to that care"

"It happened in the 3rd trimester because I found out new information I hadn’t known earlier and it changed the course of that pregnancy. I now have a healthy child because I was lucky enough to have access to that care. #YouKnowMe #ShoutYourAbortion."

9. "I’d do it again a million times over"

"I had an abortion when I was 19. It was safe, accessible, in a doctor’s office & without shame or stigma. I was able to go to work the next day.

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"I was in a relationship with a person I could talk to about it. I’m 38 now & I’d do it again a million times over."

10. "No regrets"

"I was fresh out of grad school at 24. I wasn’t ready & neither was the father. If I hadn’t done it, I would not have gotten my PhD, become an author or been able to do what I have. No regrets."

11. ''You don't need to have a reason"

"But let's be clear, you don’t need to have a “reason” to have an abortion. You shouldn’t have to prove to anyone why you want control over your own body and your own life."

12. "Abortion is a legal right"

"Ladies you don't have to justify your decision. Not to Twitter, not to the GOP, not to anyone. Abortion is a legal right and it needs to remain that way."