12 Women reveal the worst ways they've broken up with someone

12 Women reveal the worst ways they've broken up with someone

It's better to be single than in a cruddy relationship, fact. And while some people might try and stick it out and convince themselves that everything's fine, they'll eventually realise once the relationship comes to an end that it was all for the best anyway.

But even if you know that your relationship is doomed, breaking up with someone can be incredibly hard. You want to be straight, but you also don't really want to upset them too much (depending on the scenario, of course). There are so many questions about how to execute a breakup, including where you do it, when do you do it and how you do it?

All we have to do is look to Reddit to see what not to do. Women have been sharing their worst breakup stories, and from purposefully developing disgusting habits to committing the classic break-up misdemeanour of doing it via text, these 12 stories are truly savage.

1. That's one way to really seal the deal

"By awkwardly telling him he could still use my Netflix because he was upset and I didn't know what to do, then changing the password a month later."

2. Smoke bomb your way outta there

"I left a note and didn't tell them where I was going. 10/10 would do again to get away from batsh**tery."

3. Sneaky, but genius...

"I made them want a break up, too."

4. Is it okay to text them in this scenario?

"Text message. It was a [long-distance relationship], and I was TRYING to break up with him on the phone, but he kept talking over me & refused to listen or let me talk. So I sent him the nicest break up text message ever. Told him how I just knew he wasn’t The One, & how he was a positive influence on my life (he was), but I had to trust my gut (it was going crazy) & I was truly sorry, but that it was over. He sent me back the sweetest reply. It began with an F & ended with a Y. Always a wordsmith, that man..."

5. Ouch

"I simply changed my social media status. He did not take it well, but I don't think he deserved any better. A few days prior I found out he had a full on relationship brewing with his co-worker."

6. Sometimes it's the only way...

"Over text message. I never wanted to be that person, but he was so hot and cold and consistently inconsistent I had to."

7. And it was all downhill from there

"I told him I needed a break and he was so stunned and confused. I ghosted him for a week, then met up with him and told him it was over. Not my finest moment."

8. A nice touch

"Via a letter which arrived on Valentine’s Day."

9. Not many places to hide though are there?

"I ghosted. While we still went to the same high school."

10. "Just wanted to let you know..."

"I block the person then send a text explaining myself."

11. Let it be their idea...

"Become boring and do things they find disgusting for a while."

12. See ya!

"When I was like 15, right before I got on the school bus, I looked at my bf and said 'I don't think this is working, we should end this' He posted on Facebook that life sucked about 30 min after."

Ouch, I'm not sure I'd want to be on the receiving end of any of those brutal breakups!