6 Signs you might actually be a love addict

6 Signs you might actually be a love addict

Ever heard of love addiction? Maybe not, but it is a thing that's common among people. Chances are that you know one or maybe even dated one before. As with drug addicts, alcoholics and even sex addicts, being addicted to love is a repeated self-destructive behaviour that can impact your life in a negative way. The main tendency for love addicts is to become so dependent on a relationship that it's unhealthy.

"Love addiction is a condition where individuals often fall in love or become deeply attached to someone who fails to return their love and affection," love addiction expert and couples therapist, Helen Mia Harris, explained to Cosmopolitan.

And there are a bunch of other signs. Take a look to see if maybe you or the person you're dating is a love addict.

1. You hate being single

And not just the way the rest of us do. Love addicts have a real fear of loneliness and rejection, ultimately feeling like a failure for not being in a relationship. You might even get a literal heartache when confronted by feelings of unrequited love.

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2. You fall in love very easily and very quickly

Because you hate being single, you'll seek out a new relationship just to avoid the all-consuming feeling of loneliness and desperation. All it takes is an initial attraction and you'll be convinced you belong together, after which any signs that they're actually not good for you will be pushed aside.

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3. You mistake sex for love

You might interpret sexual or romantic intensity for a genuine, intimate connection. Love addicts also tend to sleep easily and readily with anyone who gives them attention. Even if it's just for a fleeting moment, being sexually intimate makes you feel "loved" and desired.

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4. You get involved with people who mistreat you or can't commit 

Lowering your standards or putting up with someone who doesn't treat you right (or maybe even disregards the relationship) is better than being single, according to a love addict. They crave romantic intensity like an alcoholic does a drink, and they'll get it however they can, even if they are just convincing themselves it's there.

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5. You do whatever you can to please your partner

It's impossible for you to say no, and you probably value their opinion (and especially their opinion of you) higher than your own. Sometimes you might even pretend to like to do things just to keep your partner (or potential partner) interested. All this because probably you believe them to be your only source of happiness.

6. The relationship is always on your mind

You sometimes can't think about anything other than your partner and feel like you're always waiting on them. You have an intense fear of your partner leaving you, and you start to imagine crazy scenarios where they don't feel the same about you anymore. This makes you very easily jealous too, always wanting to check up on your partner when you're not together.

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Most of these things that love addicts feel are ultimately destructive both for relationships and for your own emotional wellbeing. If you do relate, then take your condition seriously and seek help by confiding in a close friend or relative, or better yet, speaking with a counsellor.