8 People who probably think they've got a photo with a celebrity

8 People who probably think they've got a photo with a celebrity

We are all fascinated with the notion of celebrity in all of its forms.

Whether by avidly buying each new record our favourite singer releases or meticulously keeping up with every minute detail of the Kardashians' lives, we are all in thrall to the rich and famous; their social mores and their public appearances.

So when the opportunity arises to take a picture with one of our beloved idols, it's hardly surprising that some of us get a little over excited, now, is it?

When these people look back on their proud moment of celebrity-snapping, though, they might just feel a twinge of regret, because, well, they're not actually who they appear to be. You'll see what I mean.

1. Johnny Depp (nearly) 

2. Unfortunately not Bill Murray

3. Not even nearly Chris Pratt

Not Chris Pratt

4. So close to being Jake Gyllenhaal 

Not Jake Gyllenhaal

5. Same glasses, but not Bono

Not Bono

6. Is this a joke? It might be a joke...

Definitely not Ed Sheeran

7. Nearly Hugh Laurie 

Nearly Hugh Laurie

8. So close, but not George R.R. Martin

Not George RR Martin

These people might not have gotten a photo with their favourite celebrity, but they do have something much, much funnier to look back on. Bravo!