9 things laid-back girls don't care about when it comes to dating

9 things laid-back girls don't care about when it comes to dating

Everyone knows about the high-maintenance girl – naturally, she commands the spotlight. But what about the ones who care less about shopping (I know, I know... I'm generalising here) and making things "Facebook official"? Dating a girl who is more easy-going can seem scary at first – she might seem aloof, uninterested or just really hard to figure out.

But there are many great things about a girlfriend who is more laid-back, including the fact that she doesn't have the same unrealistic expectations some other girls have when staring a relationship. From not worrying about what either of you looks like, to enjoying dates even if they're not at a hip new restaurant, here are 9 things laid-back girls don't care about when it comes to dating.

1. Whether you tag her in social media or not

She knows how you feel about her, and doesn't need lovey-dovey posts and couple pics shared on Instagram to prove that.

2. Your texting etiquette

She doesn't read into the lack of emojis, how long it takes you to text back or what kind of punctuation was used. Chill – just because it's been a few hours doesn't mean the whole relationship is off.

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3. What kind of date it is

She doesn't mind that you're not always going out to swanky restaurants or cool underground bars for your dates and appreciates a cosy night in as much as anything.

4. Labels

Questions like whether you're "official" or if you can call him your boyfriend yet don't seem to bother her. Things are going well for you two and the conversation will come up when the time is right.

5. When it's "appropriate" to do it for the first time

She doesn't believe in rules for what number date it is that makes it "okay" to sleep together. It's different for everyone, and once the time feels right for you both, then why not?

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6. That it's not all perfect

She doesn't expect everything to be perfect and if she spills wine on herself, or you accidentally booked the restaurant for the same time tomorrow, she can laugh it off and carry on.

7. Looks

I'm not saying she's a slob, but she probably doesn't put that much extra effort into her appearance when seeing you than she normally does.

8. Drama

The arguments you have might get heated, but you'll probably be able to talk it out and make up in a relatively pain-free manner without her storming off and slamming doors, or throwing your favourite potted plant out the window.

9. Presents to mark every little occasion

While some people like to commemorate every little occasion (like month-by-month anniversaries) by being showered with gifts, your easygoing type doesn't care all too much for materialistic tokens. But when you do actually get her something for her birthday or randomly on your way home from work, she really appreciates it.

Well, are you more high-maintenance or low-maintenance? Or how about medium-maintenance – can't there be something in between?