Backpacker breaks her neck diving into swimming pool just one week into dream Thailand holiday

Backpacker breaks her neck diving into swimming pool just one week into dream Thailand holiday

A British backpacker who broke her neck while holidaying in Thailand has been told she may never be able to walk again.

24-year-old Sophie Wilson misjudged the depth of a swimming pool in Pai, and injured herself diving just one week into her six month travels across Southeast Asia.

Sophie, who hails from Shepshed, Leicestershire, was rushed to hospital where she has now been told her medical bills could amount to a staggering £60,000.

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She is currently only able to raise one arm, despite having undergone two surgeries since the incident on December 1st.

"Initially I was in shock, I never had any reason to believe the pool to have been so shallow as people were jumping and diving in before me," the 24-year-old told iNews.

"I never lost consciousness. I couldn’t feel my body, just excruciating pain in my neck. I remember saying that I couldn’t feel my legs. It is heartbreaking as I previously led a very active life style and the doubt of whether I will be able to walk again is hard to take. But I believe that being negative will only make things harder. I’m lucky to still be here," she continued.

Sophie's insurers, Insure and Go, have refused to pay out as they deem her injuries to be the result of a "reckless act". And despite  the two breaks in her neck, surgeons initially refused to operate until her family had guaranteed to pay for the operation.

Sophie's parents, John and Jane, are currently in Thailand with their daughter where they are attempting to raise enough money for both her medical bills and flights back to the UK.

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Her bills are already £36,000 and are expected to climb to £65,000 with the additional cost of a specialist medical flight home.

Sophie's fundraising page details that this amount includes the "constant care and attention from a doctor and two nurses for the duration of the journey home from Thailand, due to the severity of Sophie’s injuries." The doctors stressed that this is the "only method of travel they are comfortable supporting due to the delicate condition of Sophie and the need of intensive care for the duration of the flight."

"Our family’s priority is to get Sophie on home soil, to continue her recovery, prevent medical costs rising further and get her back with all of her loved ones," reads the page.

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"Sophie is one of the bravest women you could ever wish to meet and she is our little miracle. Our wish now is to get her home as soon as is physically possible, so that she can begin her rehabilitation programme to support the recovery process and be re-united with her loving family, after what has been the most challenging time of our lives."

So far around 800 people have raised over £19,000 towards Sophie's medical bills.

We wish her a speedy recovery.