Blake Lively reveals why she still doesn’t have a stylist after all these years

Blake Lively reveals why she still doesn’t have a stylist after all these years

Blake Lively is #goals for many of us. With her beach blonde hair that's always perfectly tousled, acting skills that won us over in Gossip Girl, and her banter with dream husband Ryan Reynolds – it seems there's no stopping the 30-year-old actress. And if there's one more thing that might impress you about her, it's that she doesn't have a stylist.

One quick look at Lively's Instagram profile reveals that she's well into fashion, with her grid dotted with outfit posts that marry designer brands with her own signature boho-preppy style (reminiscent of Serena, no?). And it turns out that her impeccable taste can't be attributed to some behind-the-scenes stylist like most celebrities, but to Lively herself.

At a recent event in Barney's in New York, the mother-of-two revealed that she's always preferred to choose her outfits herself, rather than rely on the guidance of a stylist.

"It’s a lot of work," she said, according to WWD. "I mean, it’s not hard in that we all dress ourselves every morning. So once you have the clothes, you just pick out what to wear like any other human being does. But it’s easier because you have access to clothes and so it’s not that hard."

Keep in mind that "every morning" for Lively isn't your regular daily routine. The superstar is papped whenever she steps foot out the door, and she's usually on her way to some kind of promotional event or red carpet party. But even when she's pregnant, Lively continues to dazzle in perfectly put together outfits and accessories.

When asked why she opted not to have a stylist, she joked: "I have control issues and a big ego — that’s probably the honest answer," before answering more seriously.

"I just like it," she explained. "I love design and I love fashion and it’s a way to be creative. In my job I get to be creative, but it’s over a period of time and so many other people are involved, whereas this is a beginning, middle, and end, and I get to be creative and there’s an end date in the near future."

It's clear that Lively has a lot of fun choosing her outfits, famously going through seven outfit changes in one day last year during a promotional sweep through New York. And if you've got contacts from the fashion world on speed dial in your phone – of course you'd want to play dress up. She explained that her connections with designers are why she prefers to dress herself: "a lot of it is I have relationships with the designers."

"The hard part is going through all the fashion shows and screenshotting all the looks you like and calling them in. I have an assistant who helps in calling in the looks," she added. From there, designers including Michael Kors and Christian Louboutin work with the actress to create custom-made looks.

"I have a bunch of artists around me who I have direct relationships with. It’s sort of a group effort with that. I rely on people who do that for a living rather than outsourcing it to someone else."

Still, that doesn't leave Lively immune from fashion critics, the biggest of which turned out to be her very own daughter:

Well, she might not have a stylist, but at least she's got someone to keep her in check.