Channing Tatum made his first appearance since Jenna Dewan split with a pretty unpopular friend

Channing Tatum made his first appearance since Jenna Dewan split with a pretty unpopular friend

On April 2nd, love died forever. Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan announced they were separating, after nine years of marriage (and one child). Many people hoped their joint statement was a belated April's Fool joke. Alas, it was real. The pair met 'serving' each other on the dance floor in Step Up; now they're serving each other divorce papers. (And I'm serving you amazing puns!) "We have lovingly decided to separate as a couple," wrote the couple. "Love is a beautiful adventure that is taking us different paths for now."

Well, Channing is certainly on a different path. Two days ago, Jenna made her first public appearance since the split, attending St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital’s Hope and Heritage Gala. Now Channing has made his first post-separation appearance, at the Honda Indy Grand Prix in Birmingham, Alabama. The 37-year-old actor served as the event's Grand Marshall, telling racers when to "start their engines!" Also, he hung out with a pretty unpopular person: America's most hated Bachelor, Arie Luyendyk, Jr.

In case you missed the explosive finale to season 22 of The Bachelor, it made the Red Wedding look like the end of Cinderella. Arie Luyendyk, Jr, a Dutch-born real estate agent and race car driver, narrowed the contestants down to two ladies: Lauren and Becca. At the rose ceremony, he admitted he loved Lauren, but ended up picking Becca - and proposing to her! Becca accepted, and they spent a whirlwind romantic weekend in Peru. And they lived happily ever after.

Just kidding. They returned to the safe house in Los Angeles, and he savagely dumped her. In the cringeworthy, voyeuristic scene, Arie confessed he made a mistake, and was still in love with Lauren. "Are you f---ing kidding me?!" cried Becca. Heartbroken, she sobbed on the bathroom floor (and the viewers cursed Arie out on social media).

Now The Indecisive Bachelor appears to be buddies with Channing Tatum. The pair posed together in matching red and black racing suits, and even went for a ride together around the track. "Crazy fast couple laps in the rain!!," wrote Channing on Instagram. "Thanks @ariejr! And what an incredibly beautiful track Mr. Barber. Can’t wait to come back here and rip some hot laps."

Arie returned the love on his IG account, writing, "Such a great dude! Fun meeting @channingtatum and getting to lead the field to green in the @Honda IndyCar ??" Arie's fiancee, Lauren was not present (yes, they're engaged - for now!), so the pair recorded a video message for her on Instagram Story. "What’s up Lauren," said Channing to the camera. "I’m about to do something stupid." "And wishing you were here, obviously,” added Arie. "Yes," said Channing with a laugh. (Is the 'something stupid' riding in a race car or hanging out with Arie? Maybe it can be two things!)

Channing Tatum has been one of the most likable actors in Hollywood, from his sexy stripteases in Magic Mike to his hilarious comedic turn in 21 Jump Street. People were crushed to hear about his separation from Jenna Dewan, and now they're even more crushed to hear about his cruel new BFF. Be careful, Channing! He might invite you out to the race track again, then stop the car mid-lap, and say he really wanted to hang out with Jonah Hill.