10 People reveal the cringiest things they did in the their first ever relationship

10 People reveal the cringiest things they did in the their first ever relationship

While we're all slightly anxious when it comes to first dates, we're even more apprehensive when it comes to conducting our first ever relationships. I mean, because you have no prior experience, it's all too easy to say the wrong thing or make the wrong move - and in times of strife, this can prove to be particularly troublesome. Here are 10 people who took to Reddit to reveal the most embarrassing thing that they did in their first relationships...

1. Well, naturally!

"Once a girl I had an off and on crush on since kindergarten wrote 'I love you' on my notebook when I was 14. I freaked out and told her best friend I had an arranged marriage overseas."

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2. This must have been hard to live down...

"The first time I kissed a guy I was 18 years old... Up until then my only exposure to kissing was from sex scenes in shows/movies. So when we started making out (in public... In the SUB at our Uni), I made moaning noises because I thought that's what you were supposed to do! God, I hate myself. I can't even look at him anymore... I just see idiot me moaning like an a**hole Mmmm Mmmm mmm uhhh mmm whyyyyyyy?"

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3. What a way with words

"Early in my current relationship, neither myself nor my girlfriend wanted to be the first to say 'I love you'. To avoid saying it I once said 'I like you with all the likes in the world'."

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4. "Like peacocks"

"I had a crush on her in high school but didn't know how to talk to girls. So I dyed my hair and grew a mullet to get her attention. I guess I was thinking courting was like how animals do it in the wild or something. Like peacocks."

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5. How embarrassing

"I called my first bf’s home every night, multiple times if he wasn’t home when I called earlier (these were days before cellphones were super common so it was a landline shared by the whole family which made it even more embarrassing because the whole freakin family knew I was calling). Once I finally got him on the phone I’d talk about anything and everything. He’d rarely say a word which made me talk more to fill the silence. I’m now convinced that he’d put the phone down and play video games while I talked into the air for an hour or two. or three. Ughhhh."

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 6. This is not how you go about it

"I didn't know how to break up with someone. The obvious solution was to get them to break up with me by becoming slowly more and more awful to them until they broke up with me. In wood working class. 'IF YOU DON'T START BEING NICER TO ME I MIGHT BREAK UP WITH YOU!' 'OKAY!'"

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7. Enjoy your food! 

"For some reason I pretended like I didn't ever eat. I would never eat around them. It makes me cringe to think about it now."

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8. I'm sure many people are guilty of the same thing...

"She and I did that thing where if we texted each other and used a smiley face or put a period, we immediately assumed the other person was in a crappy mood. A fight would quickly ensue. Because of emojis and punctuation. I wish I could slap myself in the past."

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9. Wow

"I wore a floor length leather jacket to our first date because The Matrix was really cool at the time."

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10. Rookie error

"We were each other's first real boyfriend/girlfriend. Met as new freshmen during orientation week at our university, gave each other a disgusting amount of very dark, very visible hickies during a week where we'd be meeting a ton of new people, including academic advisors and RAs."

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Well, there you have it. I'm sure that all of your romantic disasters are looking a little better now...