11 times female celebrities had the best comebacks to sexist comments

11 times female celebrities had the best comebacks to sexist comments

Pursuing a career in film, television or music will set you up for a life in the limelight. That means voluntarily putting yourself in front of paparazzi from time to time, as well as engaging in interviews with different media outlets. But while you might like to use these opportunities to talk about your current creative pursuits or other things you're passionate about, most female celebrities find themselves being asked about their love-life or looks.

It must get pretty tiring after a while, and when being asked questions like this – none that their male costars would ever receive, mind you – it's no surprise that they're tempted to come back with some pretty good clapbacks. Here are 11 of the most perfect responses from female celebs who were sick of being bombarded with sexist comments.

1. When Rihanna proved she's perfect on her own

Someone asked the singer at a 2014 event "What are you looking for in a man now?", to which she replied: "I'm not looking for a man. Let's start there."

2. When Emma Stone perfectly deployed sarcasm to accept someone's compliment

Before asking the actress a question a reporter told Stone "You look beautiful as always," during the Oscar Nominees Luncheon in 2015. "Oh thank you," Stone fired back. "That's all that matters."

3. When Scarlet Johansson was tired of people asking about her underwear all the time

It seems she really got fed up with the topic.

4. When Maisie Williams suggested a different headline

The Game of Thrones star redirected the attention to the important matters.

5. When Lauren Conrad revealed her favourite position 

During a radio interview, she pulled a question out of a mystery bag that asked "What's your favourite position?", to which she coolly replied "CEO".

6. When Emma Watson had the best advice for a fan

A fan tweeted at the Harry Potter star: "my dad says I can't be a engineer 'cause it's a 'men's profession'" to which the actress simply replied with:

7. When Hillary Clinton fired back with her own question

While in Kyrgyzstan in 2010, Clinton was on a talk show being interviewed about policy and US/Kyrgyzstan relations when she was asked what her favourite fashion designers were. She replied: "would you ask a man that question?".

8. When Anne Hathaway really couldn't be bothered talking about her "feline fitness regime"

She said it was nothing more than diet and working out, but when the interviewer pushed to see if it was any specific kind of workout, she hilariously turned the tables and asked "What's the deal man? You look great." Laughing, the interviewer interjected with "No, no no!" as Hathaway continued: "No, no seriously. We have to talk about this. What, what do you want? Are you trying to fit into a cat suit?"

9. When Jennifer Lawrence suggested there were more interesting things to talk about

Sick of discussing her body weight, the actress asked the interviewer how they would feel.

10. When Mayim Bialik showed she's not just the face of a character

A reporter assumed that Bialik didn't have the same IQ as her Big Bang Theory character, saying: "So, being on The Big Bang Theory, how many people, not that you aren't a genius, how many people think that you can solve calculus at the drop of a hat?". She replied: "Um, I actually was trained in calculus for several years. I'm a neuroscientist."

11. When Alice Eve pointed out that looks have nothing to do with intelligence

The Star Trek Into Darkness actress was asked "Aren't you a little too beautiful to be a science officer?" and she had the perfect response.

Good job ladies, show 'em how it's done.