16 Infuriating things only tall girls will understand

16 Infuriating things only tall girls will understand

If you're above average height you may be blessed with long legs and a better view, but there's a lot of stuff you have to put up with as well.

Only the taller ladies out there know how ignorantly door-frames or shower-heads are installed, and don't even get me started on the design of airplanes. Or what about buying clothes? Half the stuff in stores just sits awkwardly on your body, and finding sweatpants or a pair of jeans that aren't ankle-grazers is something of a miracle. 

But at least us tall girls can band together and find comfort in the fact that there are many others who are constantly berated with "how's the weather up there?" (hurr hurr, very funny). So here are 16 things all tall girls will (unfortunately) be able to relate to...

1. Do I like him or is he just tall?

2. This...

3. *Whispers to self*: "Please give me the exit row seat"

4. Deal with it

5. Shower squats are a thing

6. Not ideal in the AM

7. Running a nice hot bath with bubbles and candles all around and then...


9. Sorry squad

10. AND making you and all your friends look super weird in pictures

11. Every dress looks like a shirt on you

12. It's almost impossible to find The One when it comes to jeans

13. "Excuse me, miss?"

14. But do I want to?

15. We'd all be billionaires

16. Well, I don't know?!

But you know, there's probably a lot of stuff shorter people have to deal with as well. Think about how reaching for the top shelf at the supermarket isn't a problem for you, and at least you're not ID'ed all the time just because you're short (despite the fact that you're well over 25). Tall or small – things aren't really that bad after all.