18 Of the most hilarious memes from the Met Gala 2018

18 Of the most hilarious memes from the Met Gala 2018

The Met Gala is one of fashion's most highly anticipated avant-garde events of the year. It's a chance for designers to flaunt their wildest interpretations of different themes, and for celebrities to make some of their most dramatic red carpet appearances. But while the likes of Blake Lively and Zendaya stole hearts with their outfits, not everyone was there for the fashion. They were only here for the memes.

The extravagance of the sartorial display as well as the familiar faces of our favourite A-listers make the Met Gala a perfect breeding ground for fresh – dare I say dank – new memes. I mean, who can forget the year Rihanna wore that yellow gown with that ridiculous train and became the subject of many a meme?

Well, Rihanna's 2018 look was just as bold. She dressed as the Pope, which rattled some sensitive souls, but also provided so much new material for hilarious internet content. Alongside Rihanna, here are 18 other memes that totally stole the show.

1. If only Rihanna rocked up in the Popemobile

2. A female Pope?!

3. Katy Perry's evolution

4. And... this

5. Ohhhhh

6. Huh?

7. I get it now

8. BRB

9. LOL

10. Breathtaking as ever

11. "That'll do"

12. Accurate

13. This actually makes sense

14. This is so me

15. Yup... and this

16. A remake of the classic

17. Basically


Well, that's a whole lotta new content to add to the meme catalogues. Boy, I already can't wait 'til next year...