18 People share their most boring celebrity encounters and they're hilarious

18 People share their most boring celebrity encounters and they're hilarious

Go to any dinner party anywhere and I guarantee that somewhere between dessert and wine bottle number three people will start sharing celebrity encounter stories. Okay, maybe it won't happen every time, but people do find it so exciting to have met an A-lister in real life that they need to tell the people around them about it.

But because we're so used to seeing our favourite stars jumping from planes and robbing banks and getting entangled in crazy love stories on the big screen, when we meet them in real life, the circumstances just seem so incredibly... boring. A recent thread on Twitter has left thousands of people revealing their most mundane celebrity encounters, and the results are hilarious.

Thanks to a tweet by John Moe, people are sharing stories from inside restaurants, at airports and other random places you might be lucky enough to come across a celeb. "Your most boring, mundane, inconsequential celebrity encounter. Go!" wrote John. The resulting replies are – despite the fact that they're boring as hell – absolute comedic gold. Here are 18 of the best.

1. Bob Dylan looking for lunch options

2. Winona Ryder's restroom advice

3. Tim Robbins on rollerblades

4. Gwen Stefani's late night movie inquiry

5. Mark Wahlberg's manners

6. Chris Rock being a good human

7. This Backstreet Boy's nugget craving

8. David Beckham trying to do a good deed

9. Stevie Wonder's technical difficulties

10. Ralph Fiennes and the runaway dogs

11. Danny Devito just walking

12. Mila Kunis getting excited over someone else's dog

13. Sarah Michelle Gellar's wifi woes

14. Will Ferrel's accurate directions

15. This Ethan Hawke exchange

16. Martin Freeman picking up his clothes

17. Willem Dafoe's rejection

18. Tom Selleck's observations

Wow, those are so boring that they're simply WILD!