7 Celebrities who proudly embrace their plastic surgery

7 Celebrities who proudly embrace their plastic surgery

Last week, Anna Faris opened up about exactly why she decided to get a boob job right after her divorce from Ben Idra. She said that as a "staunch feminist", she battled with the decision about breasts augmentation for quite some time.

"I always thought plastic surgery was caving in to 'the man,' you know? But it came down to a really simple thing: I wanted to fill out a bikini," she told Women's Health. She decided to get the surgery after the divorce and after she finished her breakthrough film, House Bunny. The verdict? "It was f*cking awesome."

Anna is proof that most women choose to get plastic surgery for themselves, and not for anyone else. "I think that people should be able to do whatever they want, whether it's getting braces, bleaching their hair, getting extensions, getting a boob job, getting vaginal surgery, or getting a nose job."

And she's not the only one who is proud of the cosmetic enhancements she decided to get all those years ago. Here are seven other celebrities who are proud to admit they've had work done too.

1. Cardi B

The breakout rapper has been very open about her various cosmetic enhancements – she got her teeth fixed, admitted to getting illegal butt injections and has had a breast augmentation. She's very proud of her pair, rapping about them in songs and once dedicating an Instagram post to them saying: "I TRUELY LOOOOVEEE MY BOOBS SINCE I Bought THEM […] My first expensive purchase. I shooked my a** real hard for these."

2. Ariel Winter

When she was only 17, the Modern Family actress got a breast reduction from a 32F to a 34D. She told Glamour it helped her chronic back pain, as well as the difficulty of not finding clothes that fit her. "[A week later], I was buying clothes and crying as I put them on, I was so happy," she said. "You just feel so relieved and excited. You feel like a new person. You feel like this is how I was supposed to be.”

3. Tyra Banks

The America’s Next Top Model host admitted to getting a nose job and having fake hair. She lamented to People that "natural beauty is unfair" and says she gets "really uncomfortable when women who are these natural beauties judge anybody who does anything to themselves."

4. Kris Jenner

The momager didn't hesitate to show exactly what went into the process of getting a facelift, filming it on Keeping Up With the Kardashians in 2011. "When I did my neck on camera for Keeping Up, Garth Fisher did it,” she said on Good Work. "Garth is a great surgeon. So Garth is somebody I’ve trusted with my kids and friends and everybody else… I’ve had great experiences."

5. Dianna Agron

The actress revealed that just like her character on Glee, she too has had a nose job. Due to two unfortunate circumstances in which she broke her nose twice (she was accidentally punched at a party in high-school, and then fell while filming a Glee concert tour), Dianna told David Letterman she decided to get it done.

6. Iggy Azalea

Iggy told Seventeen magazine that she was proud of getting her nose and breasts done and that "Denying it is lame". She added: "I don't think you should be ashamed if you made a change to yourself, which is why I've spoken about the changes I've made, like with my breasts." In a post where she wished her plastic surgeon a happy birthday on Instagram, she thanked him for being "a progressive thinker & someone who supports women in their choice to do what they want with their OWN bodies (tons of men don't share that sentiment)."

7. Kelly Rowland

The former Destiny's Child told People she was "hesitant" about talking about her boob job, but ultimately decided that: "It is a decision I made for myself. I like it, and that’s all that counts." Now, she says she feels "complete" and "so happy" that she got them done.

While plastic surgery can often be a point of controversy and criticism by tabloids, these celebrities show that getting cosmetic surgery can be very personally empowering. And if they're being honest about it, what harm is there anyway?