7 celebrity proposals that went drastically wrong

7 celebrity proposals that went drastically wrong

Throughout life, all of us encounter tiny, pivotal moments that stick in our memories forever.

These might be when you meet "the one", the day you start at a new job, or, for anyone who's intent on tying the knot, the moment you or your other half pops the question.

Unfortunately, the trouble with these milestone events being so memorable is that there's a lot of pressure to do them right. If they go wrong, you'll end up having that cringe-worthy moment following you around for the rest of your days.

In light of this, it would be safe to say that nobody understands that better than these seven celebrities and their partners...

chrissy teigen john legend Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's engagement story is definitely a memorable one (Credit: PA)

1. Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves

When proposing to someone, the emotions you'd hope to elicit would probably be something like happiness or excitement.

Matthew McConaughey, however, only managed to provoke boredom. He proposed to his now-wife by hiding a ring in the smallest of eight boxes that were all wrapped up inside one another. And, when she'd finally got to the last box (which she was unwrapping in front of her entire family!), it took a little more convincing to get her to say yes.

2. Seth Rogen and Lauren Miller

Because there's so much pressure to get the scenario exactly right, many people end up rushing into it without really thinking about it.

When Seth Rogen came to pop the question, he was so flustered about what he wanted to say that he didn't realize Lauren Miller was completely topless until he'd actually got the words out.

"I didn’t picture it like this, and I know she didn’t picture it like this," he said. "I figured the only appropriate thing was to place the ring on her nipple, actually."

3. Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor

Though the couple are now separated, Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor enjoyed 17 years of marriage to one another - but it didn't start off very well.

The Zoolander star set up a classic proposal scene with rose petals and candles, but he forgot one crucial part. The ring.

When Taylor arrived home and saw the set-up, Stiller had to quickly dash off and fetch it before he could properly seal the deal.

4. Jaime King and Kyle Newman

One seemingly surefire way to get around an awkward proposal is to simply skip it altogether. So, when Jaime King and Kyle Newman picked out her engagement ring together, they thought they'd avoided all possible mishaps.

Or, they would have done, had they not missed the FedEx truck that was carrying the precious cargo. This resulted in the pair getting in their car and flagging down nearby trucks in the area.

Amazingly, it worked, and King got her ring (almost) as intended.

Jaime filed for divorce in May 2020.

5. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend

On social media, Chrissie Teigen and John Legend always seem so chilled back and relaxed.

But the couple have had some rocky moments in the past. Just before Legend was planning on proposing while on vacation, he and Teigen got into a huge row. Then, at the airport, the game was almost given away when the TSA searched his hand luggage.

Then, after all of that, when they finally got to their destination, Teigen left the intended proposal spot because she felt unwell.

Eventually, Legend ended up hiding the ring in her food. And that worked because they're still happily married today.

6. Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green

This proposal is a little different to the others, as it actually went rather well.

Green proposed to Fox at the beach, she said yes, and the couple jumped for joy. Hoorah! However, it seems that Fox did not have the ring securely on her finger when she got up to celebrate, as it quickly flew off and got lost in the sand. They never found it again.

The couple later split, in May of 2020.

7. Meghan Trainor and Daryl Sabara

As it's usually the guy who does the whole getting down on one knee bit of the proposal, we often assume that he's the one who is most likely to screw up. But that's not always the case.

After Sabara uttered the classic "will you marry me?" line, Trainor promptly responded by throwing up on him. Oh, but she also said yes, so that's something.

All of these stories go to show, though: it doesn't matter if you mess up the proposal, as long as you get the rest of the marriage right.