8 Revelations from Kim Kardashian's interview on 'Ellen'

8 Revelations from Kim Kardashian's interview on 'Ellen'

The Kardashian-Jenner family never stray far from the headlines, and these past few weeks have proven just that. Just after we got over the fact that Kylie Jenner managed to hide an entire pregnancy from the public, Khloe Kardashian was preparing to give birth to her own daughter when scandalous videos emerged of her boyfriend and baby daddy Tristan Thompson fooling around with other women. Then, we had the whole Twitter war with Kanye West, sending the world into a tizzy with his cryptic and controversial tweets.

So when Ellen caught up with Kim Kardashian on her show on Monday, there was A LOT to talk about. The 37-year-old recently also welcomed a daughter to the world (born via surrogacy), and she spoke about her three kids, as well as the Tristan Thompson scandal and a couple more weird things about Kanye. In case you missed the show, here are the biggest takeaways.

1. Kanye's favourite game is Connect4

In fact, he was playing it during the surrogate birth of their daughter Chicago. Kim revealed she had her sister Kourtney by her side in the room during the birth. "The moment she was getting the epidural, I was like thank God this is not me." Kanye, on the other hand, was in the next room "playing Connect 4 with his friends".

"It's his favourite game - he's the best at it," she added.

2. Kim was as unprepared as anyone for Kanye's Twitter storm

"I didn't even know he got his Twitter again - until I started seeing tweets come in from other people, retweeting them," Kim said. "I was like, 'Wait, is this real?' At night, he came in and was like, 'Did you see my tweets??!'

3. Their kids are as sassy as you'd expect

She revealed that North doesn't love being a big sister. "She does not share with Saint, she does not - hardly - talk to Saint," the mother-of-three said. Kim mentioned that the day before the interview she was "shocked" to see a change in character when she offered Saint some of her popcorn.

"That was such a big moment in my household yesterday," she said, before later adding: "Saint is nicer than North, I will say that."

4. And their kids kind of sound like little geniuses

Two-year-old Saint can spell "gargantuan", Kim revealed, saying: "I was very impressed".

"I've never seen a kid speak the way he speaks," Kim gushed. "He has such amazing vocabulary and I know it's like such a Kanye thing to say, like, 'Oh my kid's a genius', but if I'm saying it, it's real," she quipped.

5. The house is a no-phone zone

"[Kanye] always talks about how we should not have our phones first thing in the morning," the social media star revealed. "And in the house when we're with the kids, let's not have our phones. It's our rule that we really try to live by."

6. She doesn't really know how the name "Chicago" came about

"It kind of messes with me, I'm not going to lie. I really like the one syllable thing," Kim admitted, saying that she was hoping for the name Grace or Jo (after her grandmother, Mary-Jo). She's grown to love the name Chicago though, saying it's "cool and different" and that they actually call her one-syllabled "Chi" (pronounced Shy) most of the time.

7. Kanye hates red carpets

"He hates red carpets, but [in the below photo] I was like, 'Oh, I didn't just spend three hours getting ready - you had better stand on this red carpet for two seconds!'"

kim kardashian ellen everything we learned kanye west Credit: YouTube / TheEllenShow

8. The family is sticking by Khloe during the "sad situation" that is the cheating scandal with Tristan

"I don't even know how to describe it besides it's just so [messed] up," Kim said about it all. "We really were rooting for Khloe - and we still are. She's so strong and she's doing the best that she can - it's really a sad situation all over."

"She wants to have some alone time with the baby and figure out what her next steps are. I think it must be so hard to have your heart broken and fall in love all in a day or two - it all happening at the same time," Kim went on, referring to the arrival of True that happened days after the scandal broke. "She's going to get through it, and all we can do is be there for her and the baby."

Feel like you're Keeping Up now? Me too.