8 Stunning icons from the 90's who are still slaying today

8 Stunning icons from the 90's who are still slaying today

Close your eyes. Yes, you heard me - close them and allow yourself to drift back to distant lands and times past, arriving slap bang in the middle of the 90's. I'm sure that several things – mostly of the nightmare kind – will come to mind. Personally, I immediately think of the Macarena, Leonardo DiCaprio circa Titanic, and of course, there's the Spice Girls.

Now, this will vary as many of us have our own vivid recollections of that special time in history. You, for example, may think of the beginning of Friends, and then shudder when you recall how painfully thin your eyebrows were. But in any case, the 90's were certainly memorable when it came to women. Bursting at the seams with models of the heroin chic variety, and alternatively, with bombshells à la Pamela Anderson, it was a decade of veritable beauties.

And they're all as accomplished and beautiful as ever, over 20 years later. Let's take a gander, shall we?

1. Cindy Crawford 

Credited for singlehandedly supporting Pepsi sales in the 90's, Crawford was the supermodel of the 90's. Now, her daughter, Kaia Gerber, is taking the runways by storm.

cindy crawford Credit: Instagram

2. Pamela Anderson 

Playboy veteran and one half of the most talked about celebrity coupling of the 90's, Pamela Anderson still graces the walls of many teenage boys' bedrooms.

pamela anderson Credit: Instagram

3. Drew Barrymore

Oh, the 90's own wild child. Drew Barrymore went from captivating hearts in ET to stripping down for Playboy at the age of nineteen.

drew barrymore Credit: Instagram

4. Gwen Stefani 

The leading punk lady of the decade carried through her talents into the 00's.

gwen stefani Credit: Instagram

5. Jennifer Aniston 

Renowned for her stint on Friends, and that haircut, Jennifer Aniston has come leaps and bounds to prove that she is more than just the sum of her parts - and above mindless tabloid chatter for that matter too.

Jennifer Aniston Credit: Instagram

6. Sarah Michelle Gellar 

The star of the eponymous Buffy franchise, Sarah Michelle Gellar cemented herself as a nineties icon by later starring in Cruel Intentions and I Know What You Did Last Summer.

Sarah Michelle Gellar Credit: Instagram

7. Neve Campbell

The Scream queen frightened many of us silly back in the 90's, but recently she's been starring in the Netflix hit series, House of Cards.

Neve Campbell Credit: Instagram

8. Winona Ryder 

The Heathers and Edwards Scissorhands actress was a pop culture phenomenon because she was just so darn cool (and talented to boot). Her ill-fated romance with Johnny Depp only added to things.

winona ryder Credit: Instagram

Well, there you have it. While we may have moved past the Backstreet Boys and some of the questionable sartorial trends of the 90's, we'll always have "wino forever".