American woman refuses to date British men because they 'smoke, drink, and have bad teeth'

American woman refuses to date British men because they 'smoke, drink, and have bad teeth'

When American women think of British men, they tend to think of the real heartthrobs. The kind of chap that appears in romantic comedies written by someone like Richard Curtis. You know: bumbling gentlemen like Hugh Grant or Colin Firth.

However, a personal trainer from Cincinnati has lately talked about what the experience of browsing for a fella in the UK felt like for an American woman. Apparently, she was pretty unhappy with what the UK had to offer.

Jenny Jacobs doesn't want to date British men. Credit: Facebook / Total Health

American personal trainer Jenny Jacobs, who hails from Ohio, has vowed to never date a Brit after a disastrous trip to London. In a recent interview with The Sun's Fabulous Digital, she claimed that British men were "ignorant", and drank and smoked way too much.

She stated: "A few years ago, I was talking to one British guy online. He seemed very successful, he was always posting pictures in yachts and stuff like that, but he wasn't smiling in any of his pictures."

Does Jenny have a point? Check out this video all about a British man who hadn't brushed his teeth in over 20 years:

"He never showed his teeth. I've been to the UK three times and I always make a joke about how bad their teeth are. We were chatting on WhatsApp and I said, 'I see you’re not showing your teeth in any of your pictures, do you have bad teeth?'

"He never responded, so I guess it was true. I wasn’t super attracted to him anyway, he just seemed nice, but obviously, I offended him."

Jenny Jacobs, 37, poses in a bikini. Credit: Facebook / Total Health

Jenny added:

"I'm a big teeth person. I had to get braces because I hated my teeth, so that’s something that stands out to me. My main issues with British guys are height, teeth and fitness. I didn't even look at a lot of their bios because I wasn't physically attracted to them. From my five years on Beautiful People, I'd say Brits are up there with Russian men as the ugliest men on the app."

In addition, a recent study conducted in London revealed that the UK is "the most drunk nation on earth", as reported by The Metro.

However, maybe Jenny shouldn't be so quick to judge other people, especially considering that the accent of her own state was voted the 42nd sexiest accent out of 50 in a recent poll, tailing way behind other places like Boston and Texas.