Amy Schumer shares underwear selfie and gets super real about her 'tough' pregnancy

Amy Schumer shares underwear selfie and gets super real about her 'tough' pregnancy

Amy Schumer is known for mining her own personal experiences for the sake of comedy, and as we've seen time and time again, that raw material has produced some gold. Accordingly, her pregnancy has proved to be no different.

The comedian is expecting her first child with husband, Chris Fischer - and as she's been open about in the past - it's been no walk in the park. Schumer suffered from extreme morning sickness right up until her third trimester, and it got so bad that she had to cancel the rest of her US tour.

Back in November, the 37-year-old took to Instagram to share graphic video footage of her vomiting, and to explain why she was postponing her live performances.

"Turn sound off if you have a weak stomach. This was my ride to my show at @tarrytownmusichall tonight and a picture from the end of my set," the I Feel Pretty star wrote. "I love doing stand-up more than anything and I hate cancelling shows. I have to postpone some until I feel human again. But i will make up these dates and we will have a great time. I’m so proud of my stand up right now and can’t wait to share it. Thanks to the amazing crowd tonight for being so warm and such great laughers and for being cool with my sweatpants and slippers on stage."

Now, to celebrate her first sick-free day in half a year, the comedian stripped down to her underwear and shared a super candid snap.

Amy captioned the image, "Feeling strong and beautiful today #didntpuke."

And of course, her fans just loved it. "You are amazing and strong and have handled all thrown at you with class and the right amount of sass .... look in that mirror and feel proud," wrote one Instagram user, while Demi Lovato corroborated "I love you and this pic."

While the comedian-cum-actress hasn't revealed exactly when her due date is, we can only assume it's soon because she was recently thrown a baby shower by her sister-in-law, Molly.

But despite contending with a difficult pregnancy and a booming career, Amy has still made time for political activism.

Last year, she took to social media to call out the election of Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith in Mississippi's heated runoff election. "I guess what I’m really saying is f*ck Hyde-Smith and anyone who voted for her. My feelings on her are best expressed by the above video. And I don’t usually agree with speaking ill of crackheads, but she has a crackhead looking mouth. Tiny racist teeth confederate ass campaign with her crack mouth said she would attend a public hanging," she asserted.

Hyde-Smith will be the first woman to represent Mississippi in Congress, however, her campaign incited furore after she made comments about public hanging.

The remark was considered especially tone-deaf and insensitive as her Democrat rival, Mike Espy is an African American, and the state of Mississippi has a history of lynchings.

Amy married celebrity chef, Chris Fischer, in February, and the couple revealed that they were expecting in October of 2018.