An article called out Meghan Markle's single "gray hair" and the internet is not happy

An article called out Meghan Markle's single "gray hair" and the internet is not happy

With Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's royal wedding edging ever closer, people have been paying close attention to everything. From discussing what exactly the "bright flavours of spring" will be in the lemon elderflower wedding cake, to speculating which designer the Suits star will choose to craft her wedding dress, there's a lot to be thinking about.

People have been paying attention, but I mean, do they really need to be inspecting things this closely...?

In a Marie Claire article titled "Meghan Markle Has a Single Gray Hair", it was pointed out the soon-to-be royal has sprouted one grey hair, and of course, it needed to be discussed. "Important news: Meghan Markle, human, has a gray hair," the article began. "She revealed this truth when she left the house and it was, well, right there on her head.

"It is glorious because, same."

meghan markle grey gray hair marie claire article Credit: Marie Claire

Well, whoop-di-doo.

The writer continued on to speculate why this culprit grey hair was found on Meghan's head, guessing that the 36-year-old had missed an appointment, decided not to pluck it for fear of five more growing back (as the saying goes), or because she just couldn't care less about it. The article concluded with the line, "it's nice to see she's a regular person with a few stray grays, just like everyone else!"

While the message was ultimately a positive one, it was really quite the kerfuffle given the point of the article was supposed to be something along the lines of "Meghan Markle has one grey hair but it looks like she doesn't really care but neither do we so yeesh whatever everyone chill".

And it seems this wasn't lost on the readers either, who decided to take the article and shred it to pieces on Twitter. Pointing out that their professional efforts could have been put to better use elsewhere, readers tagged the magazine with burns of varying degrees. One person wrote "I’m younger than Meghan Markle and have WAY more gray hairs. Where’s my article, @marieclaire?" while another quipped "Meghan Markle missed 1 appointment with her colorist and Marie Claire decided to put their journalism degrees to use".

Here are some other hilarious responses.

This isn't the only time that some minuscule detail has been picked up on by publications about Meghan. Her hair has made headlines before due to the fact that she often wears it in a messy up-do – straying from the usual hats and hairnets the Queen and Kate Middleton stick to per royal protocol. She also once wore a cross-body bag (scandalous!), and people were also bizarre enough to point out that she wasn't wearing pantyhose like good royals do, and stepped out for her engagement pictures with bare legs instead.

Well, do you think it was too much to write about the grey hair? Or were you one of the people who clicked on this article just to get a good look at it?