Ariana Grande reveals her natural hair and it wasn't what we were expecting

Ariana Grande reveals her natural hair and it wasn't what we were expecting

Ariana Grande wouldn't be the pop-star we know and love without her infamous ponytail. Impossibly thick, impossibly sleek, and impossibly tight, it may not be the most comfortable of appendages, but it's sure become part of her personal brand in recent years - even more so than those who taught her "love", "patience", and "pain" - we'd argue.

One thing that has always remained a mystery, however, is what lies beneath all of those layers of glossy, glossy hair. Because as we know, Ari isn't solely responsible for all of it. Well, as luck would have it, she took to Twitter to reveal what her hair looks like when she finally lets it down.

Grande shared the sweetest snap of herself at five-years-old, complete with shoulder-length hair and little ringlets. This is still exactly what I look like without lashes and my pony," she captioned the picture. "The only difference is that hand now says bbq grill finger," she added, jokingly referencing her iconic misspelt Kanji tattoo.

And then it got even better. A fan responded to the the initial tweet and asked the 25-year-old what her hair looks like when it's completely un-styled and without hair extensions, and Ari obliged! She shared a video of her twirling her hair with her fingers, and it's naturally shoulder-length and super curly.

Of course, her fans loved the natural look. "PLS THROW AWAY THE EXTENSIOINS UR REAL HAIR IS SO CUTE," wrote one Twitter user, while another corroborated "Omg you’re literally the cutest human being on this planet."

"I have naturally curly hair and this is making me want to cut it short now. You’re so incredibly beautiful," a third wrote.

Well, natural or made up, I think we can all agree that Ariana looks beautiful either way.