Ashley Graham reveals her hack to get the perfect tan

Ashley Graham reveals her hack to get the perfect tan

Ashley Graham has been making waves in the fashion industry since the early Noughties, and now she's on track to be the first plus sized supermodel. Certainly, diversity is beginning to be championed in formerly conservative fields, and the people who promote alternative beauty ideals are finally being given the attention they're due. Case in point: Forbes' list of the highest-earning models of 2017 included a plus-sized model - Graham - for the first time in industry history.

But despite all the success that the 30-year-old has had in recent years, she also has to deal with the same grooming mishaps that we all have to contend with when the summertime hits - namely - streaky spray tans. Certainly, despite the skin smoothing and body contouring effects of a good spray tan, even those who have the world's best beauticians on speed dial can't avoid an uneven job.

Luckily - if you've ever applied self-tanner and ended up with streaks everywhere, or you happen to drip water over yourself after visiting a professional - Ashley Graham is here to help. The Sports Illustrated model has just shared a rather impressive hack for fixing botched spray tans, but you may want to check in with a dermatologist first before you try it out at home...

Given how much time she spends by the beach and in bikinis, it's only natural that Ashley Graham would want a fresh spray tan to see in the month of July. However, it didn't quite go to plan this time.

Taking to her Instagram story, the model revealed that due to a few drops of water, she ended up with streaks running down her legs. The mishap, which any spray tan aficionado will be well acquainted with - normally happens within hours of getting sprayed - before you've had a chance to wash off the tan's initial pigments. Consequently, if you don't rectify it immediately, the streaks will remain there until the tan fades away completely.

This happened to Ashley recently, only her solution was rather novel. On her Instagram stories, she showed herself grabbing a bottle of Windex - the household cleaner - and scrubbing away at her legs.

Ashley Graham Credit: Instagram/Ashley Graham

Ashley can be seen spraying a small amount of Windex onto a paper towel and buffing away at the lines. And in just a few minutes - et voilà - no streaks in sight.

Of course, before you attempt this yourself, ensure to check in with a healthcare professional to see whether it's ok to use a cleaning product on your skin.

Credit: Instagram/Ashley Graham

Ashley showed off the finished result: smooth, golden legs. "After! No Streaks," she captioned the snap of her lower half in bikini bottoms.

Credit: Instagram/Ashley Graham

While it's debatable whether this is the best - or most advisable -  way to get rid of spray tan streaks, you've got to hand it to Ashley Graham: she knows how to look good no matter the cards she's dealt...