Ashley Graham shared screenshots of her family talking her about her bush and it's hilarious

Ashley Graham shared screenshots of her family talking her about her bush and it's hilarious

The way you choose to groom and style your pubic region is not something that comes up in everyday conversation. It's something you might discuss with a beautician, your partner or the closest of your girlfriends, but discussing your pubes with your parents is not something anyone would voluntarily want to do.

You talk about how grandma and grandpa are doing, what the weather is like on your side of town, and if it's true that you can get a red wine stain out with white wine, NOT your pubic hair. But for Ashley Graham – who is as much a bad*ss as she is a babe – it seems that no topic is off limits with her family.

The plus-sized model made waves when she appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated in 2016 and has been taking the world by storm ever since. The 30-year-old is at the forefront of the movement to challenge narrow beauty standards. She opened her first fashion show last month and has been involved in several advertising campaigns, all of which helps encourage other brands to include models that represent a greater diversity of women too.

The 2018 Swimsuit Issue from Sports Illustrated dropped a few weeks ago, and yet again, Graham can be found among the other gorgeous models lounging around in bikinis in various tropical locales.

And as all good and supportive families do, the Grahams checked out the latest professional achievements of their loved one to show some support. Only, in this scenario, the conversation somehow strayed to everyone's pubic hair preferences.

Graham shared a screenshot of her family's group chat in an Instagram story, captioning it: "Gotta love family group text" alongside a crying-laughing face. It shows one member of kin uploading a photo of Graham from the latest Swimsuit Issue to the chat, where the model wears a tiny red and white bikini while tugging at the bottoms to cheekily reveal some of her pubic region (in classic Sports Illustrated style). "Needs a bush to make it better," they said, inciting a whole discussion about the matter.

Credit: Instagram / @theashleygraham

Graham's sister Abigail quipped: "I've got a big bush & I cannot lie. You other brothers can't deny...". But Mama Graham took the cake, proudly touting: "I have no bush and it's divine. Be jealous".

Well, if I'm jealous of anything it's how casually this family can talk about pubic hair with each other. Although everyone gets hair down there, and everyone chooses to style them differently or go au naturel, it's one of those topics that's kind of taboo and definitely a little embarrassing to talk about with your whole entire family. But good on Graham for – yet again – pointing out the stigma of certain things and that there's really no need for it.

It's not the first time Graham has been open about her lady garden. She told Glamour last year, "Honey, I have a full bush. Period. It’s about your preference and your partner’s preference." It seems her preferences have changed this year, maybe because of the itty bitty bikini she opted to wear for the Swimsuit edition.

Nevertheless, it's something she's not afraid to talk about, and it seems to clearly run in the family.