Australian woman is receiving worldwide attention after people noticed she is a lookalike for Meghan Markle

Australian woman is receiving worldwide attention after people noticed she is a lookalike for Meghan Markle

I bet nearly every girl in the world wants to be Meghan Markle right now. Right, that's a very generalized, sweeping statement, but you can't deny that many little girls grow up dreaming of marrying a prince and having their very own fairytale wedding on the grounds of a castle dressed in a swishy white designer gown.

The royal wedding of the year – that between the Suits actress and Prince Harry – is only three weeks away now, and it seems all things are GO.

The groom finally announced who his best man would be yesterday (no surprises there), and while we still don't know who will be in Megan's bridal party nor who will be designing the dress, we do know that it will be a rather more relaxed affair than Kate and Will's wedding. The cake won't be a traditional fruit cake, but an Elderflower sponge instead, and the dress code will be more "morning casual" than military uniform as is customary.

We won't be seeing much of Megan before the big day on May 19, as she's officially put a pause on any royal duties and official public outings to get prepped for her wedding. But while she's getting primped and preened and whatever else princesses do before they get married, one girl all the way over in Australia is getting a whole lot of attention.

Stephanie Murray keeps getting mistaken for the 36-year-old actor, and it's because she looks near identical to the American. Stephanie, a 27-year-old living in Australia's capital, Canberra, was just enjoying a standard workday at a friend's cafe when she was approached by someone on account of her striking resemblance to the Suits star. The journalist, who worked for the Canberra Times, wrote about Stephanie, causing an avalanche of worldwide media attention.

megan markle lookalike girl australia

You've got to admit, they look preeetty identical.

"The story has completely blown up, it's gone viral which I wasn't expecting," she told Femail. "I have people calling me from across the country and I now have representation."

"I can certainly see the resemblance - we have a very similar jawline but she has more of a refined nose than I do."

It seems there's great opportunity to cash in from being someone's doppelganger. Especially if that someone is a popular celebrity who is about to become even more famous. She says that now television networks are requesting live interviews with her, and she's even been approached to star on a reality TV show.

megan markle lookalike girl australia

"[The agent] said that this was just the beginning, that the demand for me to appear at events and in mock advertising campaigns in the UK could be huge," Stephanie told the Canberra Times.

Stephanie has since turned all her social media profiles on private, and has sought legal advice about what moves to make in order to make the situation most beneficial for her. The girl has got brains, as well as Hollywood-esque looks.

"I never even considered the fact I could make a career out of this," she revealed. "But I guess there are other people out there making a living out of looking like Prince William, Kate Middleton and the Queen, so why not?"

She said that ever since Suits aired in Australia, she's always been told that she looks similar to the character of Rachel Zane. It's only now, though, that it seems to be amounting to something. Good luck, Stephanie, and let's see if you can nab a prince of your own while you're at it.